Human Spirit of Wood

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Human Spirit of Wood
Human Spirit of Wood
Kanji/Kana 木のヒューマンスピリット
Dub Name Human Spirit of Wood

The Human Spirit of Wood (木のヒューマンスピリット Ki no Hyūman Supiritto), also known as the Spirit of Wood H (木のスピリットH Ki no Supiritto Eichi) is one of the twenty Legendary Spirits. It contains the power of Ancient Troiamon of the Warrior Ten, and allows its user to evolve into the Human Form Hybrid Digimon Arbormon.



Digimon Frontier[edit]

According to Baromon, the Human Spirit of Wood is one of the Spirits that was given to Cherubimon after the Warrior Ten defeated Lucemon.[1] When Cherubimon turned evil and began his war, he used the Human Spirit of Wood to create Arbormon as one of the Evil Warriors.[2]

After the Chosen Children defeat Arbormon and take his Beast Spirit of Wood, Duskmon finishes Arbormon off and takes his Human Spirit.[3] Minamoto Kouji takes the Spirit, along with Duskmon's own corrupted Spirit of Darkness, when he (as Beowolfmon) defeats Duskmon.[4][N 1]

The Human Spirit of Wood remains stored in Kouji's D-Scanner until the battle with Cherubimon at the Rose Morning Star. During the battle, Cherubimon subdues Kouji and takes his D-Scanner, along with all the Spirits in it, but Ofanimon steals all of the D-Scanners and Spirits back under the pretense of purifying Cherubimon and returns them to the Chosen Children. When Ofanimon upgrades Takuya and Kouji's D-Scanners, Kouji transfers both of the Spirits of Wood to Takuya so that he can use them with eight other Spirits to Hyper Spirit Evolve into Kaiser Greymon.[5]

When the Chosen Children visit the Village of Beginnings, the Human Spirit of Wood reacts to the presence of the DigiTama of the Digimon who Cherubimon had used to create Arbormon. During their fight to protect the Village from the Royal Knights, the DigiTama calls the Spirit out of Takuya's D-Scanner and uses it to reincarnate as Arbormon, this time an ally of the Chosen Children, and the other Human Spirits of the former Evil Warriors do the same. The Chosen Children use their Human Spirits and the ten Warriors attack the Royal Knights together, but the Royal Knights escape and destroy the Village. Afterwards, Arbormon dissolves and the Human Spirit is returned to Takuya.[6]

In their last battles with Lucemon, the Chosen Children gain the ability to combine all twenty Spirits, including the Human Spirit of Wood, to become Susanoomon.[7]

The Human Spirit of Earth in Digimon Frontier.


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  1. The Human Spirit of Wood is not seen on-screen or mentioned in "The Past is Revealed! Duskmon's Secret", so Kouji is not seen physically taking it. That Kouji received it here is inferred based on Duskmon previously taking the Spirit in "Mysterious Warrior Lurking in the Darkness, Duskmon!", and the Spirit later being depicted as in Kouji's possession in "Spirits Become One! Takuya and Kouji's Ultimate Evolution!" before he transfers it to Takuya.