Beast Spirit of Light

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Beast Spirit of Light
Beast Spirit of Light
Kanji/Kana 光のビーストスピリット
Dub Name Beast Spirit of Light

The Beast Spirit of Light (光のビーストスピリット Hikari no Bīsuto Supiritto), also known as the Spirit of Light B (光のスピリットB Hikari no Supiritto Bī) is one of the twenty Legendary Spirits. It contains the power of Ancient Garurumon of the Warrior Ten, and allows its user to evolve into the Beast Form Hybrid Digimon Garummon.



Digimon Frontier[edit]

According to Baromon, the Beast Spirit of Light is one of the Spirits that was given to Seraphimon after the Warrior Ten defeated Lucemon.[1] When Cherubimon turned evil and began his war, the Beast Spirit of Light was buried on a cliffside and guarded by three guardian statues. According to a local legend, the "spirit of the legendary warrior" would be resurrected when "the three eyes" shone (「三つの目が光り時、伝説の闘士の魂が蘇る」 "Mittsu no me ga hikari toki, densetsu no toushi no tamashī ga yomigaeru"). The "eyes" of the statues mentioned in the legend are large rubies, one for each statue, although the middle statue was missing its "eye". When complete, the rubies emit lasers that all converge on the location of the Beast Spirit and release it from the ground.

A Gottsumon who lived nearby had studied the statues and hunted for the third ruby, so that he could use it to Spirit Evolve and protect his home. The ruby is uncovered when Grottemon's (as Gigasmon) Earthquake splits the ground open, and Gottsumon takes it to the statues. When Minamoto Kouji (as Wolfmon) and Grottemon bring the fight to the statues, he passes the ruby to Kouji and tells him the legend. Kouji climbs the statue and fits it in the eye, triggering the statues, to release the Beast Spirit of Light. Kouji scans the Spirit and uses it to Spirit Evolve into Garummon. However, at first, Kouji is unable to control it and runs wild. He and Gigasmon fight and destroy the cliffside.[2]

Kouji continues to use the Spirit throughout the series without further difficulty controlling it. During his second fight with Duskmon, Seraphimon's DigiTama releases some of its power to enable Kouji to combine the Beast Spirit with the Human Spirit of Light to become Beowolfmon.[3]

During the battle against Cherubimon at the Rose Morning Star, Cherubimon subdues Kouji and takes his D-Scanner, along with all the Spirits in it, but Ofanimon steals all of the D-Scanners and Spirits back under the pretense of purifying Cherubimon and returns them to the Chosen Children. When Ofanimon upgrades Kouji's D-Scanner, he becomes able to use this Spirit with nine other Spirits to Hyper Spirit Evolve into Magna Garurumon.[4]

In their last battles with Lucemon, the Chosen Children gain the ability to combine all twenty Spirits, including the Beast Spirit of Light, to become Susanoomon.[5]

The Beast Spirit of Light in Digimon Frontier.
The Beast Spirit of Light's guardian statues in Digimon Frontier.
The guardian statues releasing the Beast Spirit in Digimon Frontier.

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Digimon Masters[edit]

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory[edit]

The Beast Spirit of Light is an item that, once the player obtains it, allows any of the compatible Adult Digimon (Wolfmon, Sangloupmon, Zubaeagermon, and Bao Hackmon) to evolve into Garummon, as long as they also meet the other evolution requirements. The item is not consumed in the evolution, so Garummon can be evolved into any number of times. This Spirit, along with the Beast Spirit of Fire, is obtained in the "Territory Capture: Dinosaurists" case in Chapter 13. The Dinosaurists Leader's Garmmon and Vritramon drop these Spirits when they are defeated.

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