Digitamamon's Shop

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Digitamamon's Shop
[[File:|Digitamamon's Shop]]
Kanji/Kana デジタマモンのお店
Debut "Oh Friend! Were Garurumon"
Type Arena
Part of: Server Continent

Digitamamon's Shop (デジタマモンのお店 Dejitamamon no Omise) also known as Vegimon's Restaurant, is a restaurant found in Server Continent, managed by Digitamamon and Vegimon.




Digimon Adventure[edit]

Video Games[edit]

Digimon Adventure[edit]

Ishida Yamato and Gabumon arrived at Digitamamon's Shop in Episode 27, "Oh Friend! Were Garurumon", after being blown away from the Amusement Park as they tried to get to it by boat. Inside the shop, a Yukidarumon, a Cockatrimon and a Monzaemon ordered food from Vegimon, who took their orders then sent Gomamon to get more customers. Gomamon then left the restaurant and met with Yamato and Gabumon, the former realizing that Kido Jo had to be there too, and Gomamon led them to him. Jo explained that, after he left the group to search for food, a Digimon that claimed to have seen humans led him and Gomamon astray. Due to that, they got lost, and when they got hungry, they found the restaurant. However, he couldn't pay for his food as they only accepted American dollars and not Japanese yen, thus he had to work his debt off. Vegimon then approached the group and criticized Jo. Yamato asked him for how much longer Jo had to work, and Jo said it was originally for three days, but because Vegimon added more time every time he screwed up, he had to work for around two weeks now. Digitamamon, the restaurant's owner, then arrived. Yamato asked him if Jo hadn't worked enough yet, but Digitamamon didn't agree. Instead, he proposed Yamato work too. However, Yamato wanted to go back to Takaishi Takeru, so instead, he told Jo he'd come back for him after he met back with Takeru.

Back inside the restaurant, Digitamamon met with Pico Devimon, who asked him for a favour in exchange for a handsome pay.

As Yamato and Gabumon arrived at their boat, Digitamamon stopped them and told Yamato he had to work for him, threatening Jo if he didn't. Yamato had no choice but to follow, in spite of Jo telling him to leave and promising he'd be fine. In fact, Jo's constant attempts at convincing Yamato only angered him, though he apologized afterwards for yelling at him.

As they kept working, Jo got ten more days of work for getting an order wrong, to Pico Devimon's delight. Later on, Jo had to peel potatoes, which Yamato rushed him to do in anger at not being able to see Takeru. This was another trap by Pico Devimon, who left a rock in his path to cause him to fall, but the rock was taken by Takenouchi Sora before Jo got to it.

At night, at the shore close to the restaurant, Yamato played his harmonica. Pico Devimon approached him, praising his music and Yamato himself. However, this was only to turn Yamato against Jo, as he said that Jo was messing up on purpouse in fear of being left alone. Yamato outwardly refused to believe the bat Digimon, but inwardly he doubted his friend.

The next day, Yamato begged Digitamamon to let him go, promising he'd come back right after. Behind their backs, Pico Devimon broke some plates, which led Digitamamon to add one more week to their work. Yamato angrily shouted at Jo for it, though Jo swore he had done nothing. Yamato refused to believe him, however, and left the restaurant.

Outside, Yamato heard Takeru's voice. Going back to the restaurant, he found Yagami Taichi and Takeru outside its door. This made Yamato happy, as he had doubted Taichi was even alive. Yamato thanked Taichi for taking care of Takeru, and asked for Takeru's forgiveness for not coming back to him, though Takeru was only happy they met again. Taichi told Yamato to escape as no one was around and they had to find the rest of the Chosen Children. However, Yamato refused to work with Jo again as he'd just be a nuisance, which Jo overheard. Taichi got mad at this, as they were all friends, but Yamato retorted that Taichi only dragged everyone with him, then told Taichi to leave him and Takeru. Takeru himself didn't understand Yamato's anger, which showed itself even against his little brother as he ordered Takeru to shut up and follow him.

Digitamamon and Pico Devimon then left the restaurant and warned them not to try to run away. Jo recognized Pico Devimon as the one that lied to him by saying he'd lead him to other humans, then Agumon pointed out he was a bad Digimon. Digitamamon told them they had to keep working their debt off, though Yamato exclaimed that their debt was paid off a long time ago. Digitamamon accepted he was right, and he'd give Yamato his change - Vegimon taking Takeru hostage. Jo then risked himself and got badly hurt to save Takeru as a way to repay Yamato, which deeply touched him.

Meanwhile, Digitamamon fought Patamon, Garurumon and Agumon, and had the advantage against them. Yamato refused to give up, however, as he believed in his friends, said belief triggering his Crest of Friendship and allowing Garurumon to super-evolve into Were Garurumon. Yamato then ordered Were Garurumon to attack Digitamamon and to not hold back at all.

After Digitamamon was defeated, Pico Devimon and Vegimon ran away. Yamato thanked Jo for saving Takeru, while Jo pointed out Yamato normally saved Jo instead. Yamato also asked for forgiveness for his earlier behaviour.

The Chosen Children returned to Digitamamon's Restaurant in Sub-Episode 14, "Food for Thought", after Episode 31, "Vamdemon, the Castle of Darkness". There, Jo and Yamato remembered the bad memories they had of their prior time in the restaurant and related them to the rest. However, the conversation changed as Tentomon and Izumi Koshiro got hungry. Agumon proposed using the restaurant's kitchen, and Gomamon to make it a competition, which Taichi decided would end with the worst cook having to wash the dishes. Agumon and Gomammon decided to be the judges. Tentomon asked Koshiro if he knew how to cook, which he didn't but he had his computer. His research got him to search for specific ingredients: DigiTaters, DigiTomatoes, DigiCelery and DigiPineaps. Having obtained all the ingredients, Koshiro prepared his "Food for Thought", which he made incorporating the methods of multiple countries, which both Agumon and Gomamon disliked, the former finding it too complex for him. Koshiro then tasted his own food, and found it awful as well. Tentomon called him out for not tasting his food as he cooked, and Koshiro didn't understand how his food was this bad when he properly followed the recipe. Orgemon then barged into the restaurant and attacked the party while in a berserk state, incapable of talking. After being defeated, he asked the Chosen Children what was up with them, a question they returned as he was the one that attacked them, though he had no memories after eating some mushrooms, which Tentomon identified as hallucinogenic mushrooms. Koshiro asked him for any ingredients he had left, which Orgemon gave him as he was hungry. Unlike the previous time, Orgemon found the food delicious. Koshiro explained that it was a soup that helped with digestion, made for Orgemon as he had lost his strength after eating the mushrooms. Tentomon pointed out it looked better than his Food for Thought, and Koshiro realized that it was better to make food for those that would eat it instead of making something elaborate. With no money on him, Orgemon gave Koshiro a Protect DigiPiece instead to pay for the meal. Orgemon then recognized Yamato from the time he helped him with his Hone Konbou and gave him a Taunt DigiPiece, then left.

Digimon New Century[edit]