Amusement Park

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Amusement Park
[[File:|400px|Amusement Park]]
Debut "The Whispering Imp, Pico Devimon"
Type Park
Part of: Server Continent

The Amusement Park is a location in Server Continent.




Digimon Adventure[edit]

Video Games[edit]

Digimon Adventure[edit]

Yagami Taichi and Agumon found themselves outside the Amusement Park in Episode 26, "The Whispering Imp, Pico Devimon" as they followed Taichi's Digivice to find the rest of the Chosen Children. There, they found Tokomon, fainted on the ground. Agumon asked him if he had been beaten up by an enemy, but Tokomon was just hungry and tired. Taichi asked him where Takaishi Takeru and the rest were, and Tokomon answered that Takeru was with Pico Devimon. Tokomon was unable to properly explain who Pico Devimon was, so instead he explained what happened to the rest.

Ishida Yamato and Takeru had gotten to the Amusement Park before Taichi did. Yamato and Gabumon went inside to check it out while Takeru and Tokomon waited outside for their return, however, said return did not happen. As Takeru cried due to it, Pico Devimon appeared and, hearing Takeru's plight, went to search for Yamato himself. Once he came back, he told Takeru he had found Yamato but he had told the bat Digimon that he never wanted to see Takeru again, that he really hated him, that he didn't want to be his brother anymore and that he hated him for being a crybaby. Tokomon called Pico Devimon out for his lying, but Pico Devimon demanded evidence that it was a lie, which Tokomon couldn't give. Out of patience, Tokomon attacked Pico Devimon, which angered Takeru, a chance Pico Devimon took to ruin their relationship as well by claiming that Tokomon was jealous of their relationship. Takeru ordered Tokomon to apologize but he refused, threatening to leave if he had to. Takeru then told him to leave, and threw away his Tag and Digivice, claiming he didn't need them anymore as there were no more enemies. Takeru then left with Pico Devimon, leaving Tokomon behind.

Having listened to the story, Taichi asked Tokomon to lead him into the Amusement Park, as he was worried about Takeru. Meanwhile, Pico Devimon tried to get Takeru to enjoy the attractions, but Takeru was not having any fun due to being worried about Tokomon, even if he refused to admit it. Realizing Takeru wouldn't forget about Tokomon, Pico Devimon left, claiming he had to do an errand. Taichi, Agumon and Tokomon then met Takeru, who was overjoyed at seeing Taichi again as he had been worried for him. Takeru was also happy about Tokomon being back, but they immediately fought once again due to Takeru thinking Tokomon had reflected on his mistakes, and Tokomon stubbornly saying he had done none. Taichi broke the fight by focusing the group on finding Yamato, but Takeru refused to do it, as he thought everyone had abandoned him due to being a crying kid. Taichi didn't believe Yamato could hate Takeru, but Takeru thought Yamato hated him for caring about Taichi, and wanted to be Taichi's younger brother instead, though Taichi knew that wasn't possible.

Pico Devimon then returned. Agumon immediately asked him what Yamato had really said, and Pico Devimon stuck to his original tale, which neither Taichi nor Agumon believed. Thus, Taichi asked him to take them to Yamato. Pico Devimon tried to dissuade them from doing so by saying he was far, but Taichi didn't care. Instead, Pico Devimon invited them to eat first, which both humans agreed to. Thus, Pico Devimon brought them some mushrooms, which in fact were Mushrooms of Forgetfulness which would give them amnesia. Taichi asked Agumon to make some flames to cook them, but Agumon needed to use the toilet first. On his way there, Agumon found the same mushrooms and wondered if they were safe to eat, and Takenouchi Sora, out of his sight, warned him not to eat them as they would take all his memories. As such, Agumon returned to Taichi and Takeru and gave them the same warning. With Taichi not understanding what Agumon was trying to say, Agumon grabbed a mushroom and tried to force Pico Devimon to eat it instead, with his refusal giving him the chance to explain what the mushrooms really did. Tokomon then called him out on lying about Yamato too, which Pico Devimon meekly accepted. Realizing he had been wrong, Takeru asked Tokomon for forgiveness, and Tokomon accepted it. Takeru's Crest of Hope then started glowing, Pico Devimon tried to force him to give it to him, and Tokomon evolved into Patamon to defend him.

After defeating Pico Devimon, Takeru asked Patamon for forgiveness once again, though Patamon instead thanked him for being able to evolve once again. Takeru realized he had to ask for Yamato's forgiveness too. Taichi congratulated Agumon on figuring out the mushrooms, though Agumon replied he had heard a voice which he didn't recognise.

Later, Taichi explained to Takeru how the distortions in the Digital World affected the Real World, thus they couldn't go back home before they got rid of them, which would require everyone's strength, Takeru's included. As such, they left to find the others.

The Chosen Children returned to the Amusement Park in Sub-Episode 15, "Brainwashed Yamato", which happens after after Episode 32, "Gennai Tells All". Takeru and Patamon were excited to ride the attractions while Tachikawa Mimi wanted some cola. Izumi Koshiro, for his part, asked Yamato if he wanted to ride anything, though he didn't answer, instead he grabbed his head and screamed that he couldn't and ran away, with his eyes clouded, after Takeru asked him to ride the Ferris Wheel with him. The others then ran after him, with Koshiro, Sora and Mimi cheering Takeru on along the way. Once they finally found Yamato, he just ran away again, which led Takeru to blame himself for it, thinking Yamato must've started to hate him for his selfish behaviour, though Gabumon calmed him down by telling him to believe in Yamato. The Chosen Children then found Yamato once again in the dock, with him asking them to stay away. Vademon then showed himself, proclaiming how he took Yamato's strong heart, and without it, he would be scared forever. Takeru ordered Vademon to give his brother back his heart, then the Chosen Children fought Vademon.

After beating Vademon, Yamato recovered his heart and was not scared of Takeru or Gabumon anymore. He thanked his little brother for that and gave him a Cure-All DigiPiece, which allows the equipped Digimon to use the skill of the same name to recover Poison, Sticky and Skill Seal for one ally. As Yamato explained, Vademon had dropped it so they should take it with them. Afterwards, Patamon wanted to ride the rollercoaster, though Takeru still wanted the Ferris Wheel. Gabumon asked Yamato which he wanted, though he was scared of both, leading to teasing from Taichi and Mimi.