Orgemon (Adventure)

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Kanji/Kana オーガモン
Dub Name Ogremon
Master Devimon (ep. 8-13)
Voice Actor Japanese Egawa Hisao (江川 央生)
English Beau Billingslea

Orgemon is a minor character in Digimon Adventure.


Baby I
Baby II
Child ?
Adult Orgemon
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Digimon Adventure[edit]

Orgemon was an aggressive Digimon and rival of Leomon. He makes his debut in "Devimon, the Agent of Darkness!". He and Leomon begin to battle and prove equally matched. Their fight is interrupted by Devimon who states that they will be working together. Orgemon rejects the idea without hesitation. But after witnessing Leomon being overpowered then being enslaved by Devimon's Black Gear he becomes Devimon's servant. He and the controlled Leomon ambush the Chosen Children on their way up Infinity Mountain but when most of the Chosen Children evolve their Digimon to the Adult level Devimon distracts them with an avalanche and retreats the two.

After Devimon lures the Chosen Children into an illusionary mansion he regroups Orgemon and Leomon intending to ambush them in their sleep. But, Taichi and Agumon wake up unexpectedly to use the restroom. Orgemon hides in the stall next to the one Agumon uses. The smell of Agumon's farts disgusts and enrages Orgemon. He bursts out of the stall and chases the two until they run into Leomon. Devimon reveals himself and dismisses the illusion of the mansion. Taichi's Digivice frees Leomon from the Black Gear and Orgemon briefly fights with Leomon but is knocked away. Devimon infects Leomon with another Black Gear ending the fight. At the same time, Devimon splits File Island apart and separates the chosen onto different parts of the island.

Later, Orgemon, in a wooden crate, is sent to kill Jou who is floating on a bed from the mansion in the ocean in "The Dancing Spirits! Bakemon". He emerges from the crate and swaps at Jou and Gomamon eventually breaking the bed in half. Gomamon uses his Marching Fishes but they prove ineffective against Orgemon. Gomamon evolves into Ikkakumon. Orgemon attacks Ikkakumon with Supreme King Fist but Ikkakumon retaliates with Harpoon Vulcan and knocked Orgemon down. Jou and Ikkakumon use the time to flee. Due to his inability to swim Orgemon cannot follow the two.

In "Adventure! Patamon and Me" and "Angemon's Awakening!" Devimon dispatches Orgemon and Leomon to assassinate Takeru before he learns to evolve Patamon. Takeru and Patamon hide when they approach so Orgemon threatens the life of a baby Poyomon if they don't reveal themselves. Yamato's Garurumon fights Leomon catching Orgemon's attention. While he was distracted Taichi snatches the Poyomon away from Orgemon. Taichi's Greymon attacks Orgemon with Mega Flame but Orgemon avoids it and strikes Greymon on the head with his club. Greymon retaliates by swatting Orgemon with his tail. Orgemon then hits Greymon with his Haouken attack. Devimon sends several Black Gears to power up Leomon who knocks both Garurumon and Greymon away with his Beast King Fist attack as Orgemon watched in awe. The other Chosen Children arrive with their Digimon. Taichi and Yamato use their Digivices to free Leomon from the Black Gears while Koushirou's Kabuterimon held Orgemon off. Seeing himself outnumbered he retreats back to Infinity Mountain. Orgemon asks Devimon for another chance, and Devimon says he'll let Orgemon fight as a part of himself before turns Orgemon into Black Gears and assimilates Orgemon into his own body. When Leomon tries to attack Devimon from behind Orgemon emerges from Devimon's body and counters the attack proclaiming that he was now one with Devimon and couldn't be beat by Leomon before blasting Leomon away with a powered up Haouken attack. When Takeru's Patamon evolved into Angemon Orgemon tried to make an attack on the angel but Angemon repelled him with his Holy Rod knocking him out of Devimon leaving a hole in the devil that Angemon used to defeat him. When Orgemon wakes up Leomon asks him if he still wants to fight. Orgemon runs away in fright.

In "Koromon, the Great Clash in Tokyo!" an Orgemon (not made clear if it was the same one) appears partially phased between the Digital World and the real world. Taichi and his Digimon battle it before it vanishes.

After the Dark Masters reshaped the Digital World into Spiral Mountain Orgemon would end up the the forest. He made his reappearance in "Metal Etemon's Revenge" and "Oh Wind! Oh Light! Saber Leomon" fighting off some of Pinocchimon's Woodmon servants. The battle was cut short by Metal Etemon returning to the Digital World in a fireball that obliterated the Woodmon and felt Orgemon injured. Jou and Mimi discovered him. They treat his wounds as best they could. He had a broken arm which they put in a sling made of toilet paper. Orgemon thanks them with teary eyes surprised by the unexpected kindness. They are attacked by Pinocchimon and Metal Etemon, but the two enemies end up fighting each other allowing them to retreat unnoticed.

Later, Mimi asks Orgemon why he needs to fight Leomon. Orgemon insists that he doesn't need a reason because he and Leomon were eternal rivals. Mimi asks what would happen if he won and had no more rival. Orgemon just says he doesn't want to think about it angered about the logical contradiction. Metal Etemon catches up to them so they hide in the bushes to avoid him. Leomon, having evolved to Saber Leomon, appears before them. Hearing Metal Etemon draw near they retreat to the ruins of Digitamamon's restaurant. Saber Leomon devolves to Leomon. Orgemon insists on fighting Leomon and charges him but Leomon effortlessly grabs and shoves him away because of Orgemon's injuries.

They find a Gekomon and Otamamon who had been hiding in the ruins who tell them that their castle had been destroyed. Orgemon informs them that the Dark Masters destroy any Digimon that do not follow their orders. Metal Etemon finds them and Leomon evolves into Saber Leomon to fight him telling the rest to run, but they don't in concern for Leomon. When Metal Etemon begins to win Orgemon runs to to Metal Etemon telling him that only he would defeat Leomon. Mimi leads with Orgemon not to fight with his injuries. Metal Etemon attacks Mimi with his Dark Spirit Deluxe attack but Saber Leomon jumps in the way. They win the fight but Leomon's injuries prove fatal. Leomon apologizes to Orgemon about not being able to fight face him saying that they would have to wait until he was reborn at the Village of Beginnings. After Leomon's death Orgemon informs them that the Village of Beginnings has been destroyed by the Dark Masters. Orgemon suggests the idea of rounding up other Digimon that have opposed to the Dark Masters.

They come across several other Digimon who help them fight Piemon's Evilmon army in "The Holy Swordsman, Holy Angemon". When the Chosen Children are about to return home in "A New World" he says his goodbye to the Chosen Children and moves on.

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