Tonosama Gekomon's Castle

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Tonosama Gekomon's Castle
[[File:|400px|Tonosama Gekomon's Castle]]
Kanji/Kana トノサマゲコモンの城
Debut "The Sleeping Tyrant! Tonosama Gekomon"
Type Castle
Part of: Server Continent

Tonosama Gekomon's Castle (トノサマゲコモンの城 Tonosama Gekomon no Shiro) is a location in Server Continent. As its name states, it is a castle ruled over by Tonosama Gekomon and inhabited by his Gekomon and Otamamon subordinates.




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Digimon Adventure[edit]

Tonosama Gekomon's Castle appears in Episode 29, "The Sleeping Tyrant! Tonosama Gekomon". Its lord, the eponymous Tonosama Gekomon, has been asleep for 300 years after losing a karaoke match and needs to hear a singing voice more beautiful than the one that defeated him to wake up. Pico Devimon takes the chance to set a trap for the Chosen Children by telling the Gekomon that serve him that he had seen an amazing singer.

Later on, a Gekomon and an Otamamon found Tachikawa Mimi and Palmon close to the castle. Recognizing the former as the singer Pico Devimon told them about, they asked them to come into the castle to help Tonosama Gekomon. While Palmon wanted to help them, Mimi refused as she could not walk anymore, though her opinion quickly changed as Gekomon and Otamamon offered their best hospitality and a fluffy bed. However, this was exactly what Pico Devimon intended, as he thought this would lead to the Crest of Purity never glowing. They then followed the Digimon duo up a mountain, before finding themselves in the castle's entrance, though tired from their walk.

Yagami Taichi, Agumon, Kido Jo and Gomamon then arrived to a beach close to the castle, with the former's Digivice telling him that they were close to another Chosen Child. Going up the same mountain Mimi did earlier, the former duo looked in awe at the castle. Once they arrived at the door, they found the Gekomon and Otamamon pair asking them for help. After inviting them into the castle, the Digimon duo explained that the help they had brought in for Tonosama Gekomon ended up becoming an issue instead with her continuous demands, making Jo and Taichi think she must be a very selfish girl. Said selfish girl then arrived, dressed up like a princess and acting the part. Taichi was glad she was safe but wanted them to leave, which Mimi objected to, as she didn't want to put herself in danger now that she found a place where she had everything, especially since they had no guarantee they could go back to the Real World. Palmon then arrived and didn't understand why Mimi was angry, and Mimi ordered the Gekomon and Otamamon to remove Taichi, Jo, Agumon and Gomamon from the castle. They then asked the group for forgiveness, as they could not disobey their princess, even though Taichi pointed out they were the cause of her attitude and knew fully well Mimi would never help them. Jo instead decided they should just bug Mimi's room to record her singing. In order to get there, Gekomon told the group about an underground passage that lead to Mimi's room and Otamamon told them about recording equipment Tonosama Gekomon had brought into the castle for karaoke that was in the underground storeroom. Their journey would not be easy, though, as elite troops that loved Mimi were in the underground passage. Indeed, upon finding the recording the device, the group was attacked by two Gekomon.

After defeating the Gekomon, the group planted the recording device outside Mimi's room. Taking advantage of her boredom, Gekomon and Otamamon asked her if she wanted to do some karaoke. While they managed to convince her to do so, she soon found the recording the device, as well as Taichi and Jo. In anger, she threw the Chosen Child duo and their Digimon into a cell. Agumon and Gomamon criticized her actions, but she didn't care. Palmon was also angry at her and told her partner she hated her because she wasn't kind anymore, which Mimi answered in kind. Returning to her room, Mimi wondered why everyone wanted her to keep travelling when she was sick of being terrified. Takenouchi Sora then appeared and told Mimi she had to know what she was doing wrong and what she should be doing instead, which led Mimi to ask her for forgiveness while crying. The Crest of Purity then glowed, responding to Mimi's growth, though when Mimi realized it, Sora was not there anymore.

As Taichi and Jo wondered about their situation, Mimi, now dressed in her normal clothes, appeared before them, telling them she would sing. Going to the stage where Tonosama Gekomon slept, Mimi asked everyone for forgiveness. Accepting her feelings, everyone then encouraged her to sing. Her song indeed woke up Tonosama Gekomon, but he was mad at that as he was sleeping peacefully. After beating Tonosama Gekomon, he promised never to go crazy again then fainted, with Mimi wishing he'd never wake up again.

The Chosen Children returned to Tonosama Gekomon's Castle in Sub-Episode 13, "Karaoke Competition". Two Gekomon and an Otamamon recieved them at the castle's gate and immediately asked them for help, as, while they were happy their lord had woken up thanks to Mimi's song, now he would sing karaoke from dawn to dusk and wouldn't let his retainers sleep. As such, they wanted Mimi to beat him in a karaoke contest so he would lose his confidence. However, Izumi Koshiro pointed out that would only make him focus more on practicing karaoke. The Gekomon and Otamamon agreed, and then another Otamamon appeared, who had found the manual to make a medicine that would change the volume of Tonosama Gekomon's voice, something that would allow Tonosama Gekomon to sing and them to sleep. As such, they instead asked Mimi to help them make the medicine, which she agreed to to compensate them for what she did before. The three materials for the medicine were hidden in the castle's basement, divided and stored in various places. The Chosen Children found all three and gave them to a Gekomon, and then an Otamamon made the medicine. However, this was not enough, as they needed Tonosama Gekomon to drink it, and mixing it in his food wouldn't work as he was picky about tastes. Mimi attempted to sneak behind Tonosama Gekomon, but he noticed her and, following a huge roar, attacked the Chosen Children.

Upon being defeated once again, Tonosama Gekomon realized he was causing everyone trouble and decided to limit his karaoke training from morning to evening. The Gekomon thanked Mimi and gave her an Auto Heal DigiPiece.

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