Mikagura Mirei

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Mikagura Mirei
Mikagura Mirei
Kanji/Kana 御神楽ミレイ
Age 24-26 (Decode)[1]
Organization GIGO Company
Partner Digimon Angewomon & Lady Devimon
Voice Actor Japanese Sawashiro Miyuki (沢城 みゆき)


Mirei was part of Professor Petrov's research team at GIGO Company, but due to a lab accident she lost the data of her natural body and became able to travel to the Digital World. Due to this, she no longer has a real body or even an avatar, and since the life support for her hospital-bound physical body has been discontinued, her digital self is only kept alive by life energy shared by her two partners, Angewomon and Lady Devimon. In order to rectify this, she is searching for the data of her natural body within the Digital World.

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Digimon World Re:Digitize[edit]

Five young children: Nicolai Petrov, Rindou Akiho, Kuga Yuuya, Mikagura Mirei, and Taiga, dived into the Digital World by entering their passwords and having their accounts confirmed in "Digital Monster".

In the Digital Space inside GIGO Server, Mirei's Partner Digimon, Angewomon and Lady Devimon, looked at various screens. Mirei observed that the number of strange fluctuations shaking up the net kept growing by the day, suspected that something was going on within the abyss of the network, and felt she was getting closer to finding out what it was. She then explained that a few years ago, servers had suddenly gone down without explanation and the only one to succeed in maintaining their systems and make rapid progress afterwards was GIGO. She did an independent investigation on the matter, which led her to a certain mystery: Project Vitium, which GIGO had triggered the incident with, according to the fragmented records that remained on GIGO's server, and the man leading it was Professor Yakov Petrov, who had mysteriously disappeared according to records of the project. Mirei thought only the doctor's whereabouts could give her the truth. She was then distracted by the appearance of a Digimon's signal and warned her Digimon to be careful. A Black War Greymon (X-Antibody) called Black then appeared in front of Angewomon and Lady Devimon, as his Tamer, Yuuya, pointed out how he had finally found the hacker. He commended Mirei's hacking abilities, as he had noticed there was someone lurking in the server but she had made it difficult for him to find her. However, as the one who'd lead GIGO Company someday, he couldn't allow her to do as she pleased and would dispose of her.

Their battle would later interrupt Taiga and Nyanko Tamer's battle, as it caused a Colosseum wall to suddenly explode, startling Nyanko Tamer, and Angewomon and Lady Devimon fell from said explosion. Black then appeared from the explosion, as Yuuya pointed out he had Mirei cornered.

Continuing in "Complication!", Black let loose a blast from its mouth at Angewomon and Lady Devimon, though they both managed to avoid it. Taiga, Nyanko Tamer, Agumon and Digitorin got sent flying by the shock wave it caused. Black then charged at Angewomon, to Mirei's fear. Yuuya was confident that meant one of Mirei's Partner Digimon was down, but Black was stopped by a barrage of fireballs from Digitorin. Nyanko Tamer then screamed at Yuuya and Mirei for barging into their match, shocking Taiga and Nico, who observed everything alongside Taiga from his computer and found her scary, as did Taiga. Yuuya realized the damage was giving him temporary restrictions. Mirei made an exit and commanded her Digimon to escape through it, as Yuuya would lose all track of her once the exit closed, and thanks to the restrictions, they succeeded in doing so. Taiga, Nyanko Tamer, Agumon and Digitorin looked at the exit, as the former pointed out Angewomon and Lady Devimon had disappeared.

After the update to the Colosseum during the battle, Mirei was shocked that the technology to transfer materials from the Real World into the Digital World, Digitize, had progressed so far.

After the battle, Mirei wondered about the Gaia Force that showed far greater power from its original configuration and War Greymon's mysterious revival, explaining that his Tamer's strong and unique ability to adapt to the Digital World must have temporarily awakened War Greymon's abilities. She found all the people involved interesting:

  • Nico, the son of Professor Petrov who developed the Digitize technology.
  • Akiho, the number one Digital Monster Tamer in the world.
  • Yuuya, the one with a privileged GIGO account who held overwhelming power but lurked in darkness.
  • Taiga, the Tamer who showed incredibly strong adaptability to the Digital World.

Acknowledging them as the most appropiate to receive an e-mail, she sent it to them:

"Before everything returns to the void, digitalize and renew the world..."

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