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Sashenka (Sasha)
Sashenka (Sasha)
Kanji/Kana サーシェンカ (サーシャ)
Human Partner Nicolai Petrov

Sashenka (sometimes called Sasha or Mikhail in early publications about Re:Digitize) is the Partner Digimon of Nicolai Petrov in Digimon World Re:Digitize.


Baby I
Baby II
Child Gaomon
Adult Gaogamon
Perfect Mach Gaogamon
Ultimate Mirage Gaogamon
Magnamon (with Golden Armor of Miracles)[1]




Digimon World Re:Digitize[edit]

After Taiga and Agumon entered the Colosseum in "Digital Monster", they found Nicolai Petrov with his partner, Sashenka, who proclaimed that he had finally found Taiga (despite living next door to him) and how he'd beat him this time. Taiga accepted the challenge, answering that he'd win this time as always. Agumon and Gaomon leaped at each other, but they were suddenly stopped by an error.

Drinking while looking at her computer after Taiga accepted her challenge, Nyanko Tamer/Rindou Akiho looked at pictures of Taiga, Agumon, Nico and Sashenka, and pointed out how she had been interested in them for a while, especially Taiga, as she felt something strange coming from him.

In "Complication!", after Angewomon, Lady Devimon and Black the Black War Greymon (X-Antibody) interrupted Nyanko Tamer and Taiga's match, the former two left, and Black attacked Digitorin the Piyomon, Taiga decided he had to help Digitorin, as did Nico, who sent in his Partner, Sashenka, through his wrist-mounted Digivice. Sashenka rescued Digitorin and Agumon Warp Evolved into War Greymon. However, Kuga Yuuya was unfazed, as he thought that no matter how many people joined or evolved, they were no match for him and would teach them that in an instant. Black retracted his arms and legs, confusing Taiga, then let loose a massive shockwave. War Greymon shielded Sashenka and Digitorin with his body. The attack caused explosions all over the Colosseum and left War Greymon badly wounded. Taiga flew towards his partner, as Yuuya asked everyone if they understood their powerlessness as he was a chosen one unlike them. With his hand over War Greymon, Taiga pointed out that it had to be a mistake for someone like Yuuya, who only flaunted around his power, to be chosen. Yuuya pointed out that the scenary around them was the proof of his status and his complaints were those of a loser, then commanded Black to put an end to the fight, aiming at Nico, Nyanko Tamer, Sashenka and the KOed Digitorin. An emergency announcement then sounded off, that the battlefield building Colosseum would be updated to the digitower interior set up within the Digital World.

Black then charged at his enemies. Nico challenged him, Nyanko Tamer pointed out he was in no shape to fight, and Nico acknowledged she was right but there were times where he had to fight no matter what. Taiga was worried as they'd all die at this rate and begged War Greymon to lend them his power. This awoke his Partner Digimon who, after a roar, shot a Gaia Force at Black, to Yuuya's surprise as he should've been near-death. The attack caused massive damage to Black, shocking Yuuya as it shouldn't have had so much power, and he had Black retreat afterwards.

Nyanko Tamer and Nico alongside their partners cheered Taiga and Agumon for their victory. They all agreed they thought they were goners, but Taiga explained that when he called out to War Greymon as if he were in a trace, War Greymon responded to it. Nico pointed out it was a nice explanation and Nyanko Tamer that they were a mystery.

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