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Lili (Emilie De Rochefort)
Lili (Emilie De Rochefort)
Kanji/Kana リリ (エミリー・ド・ロッシュフォール)
Partner Digimon Catherine (Numemon)
Voice Actor Japanese Koshimizu Ami (小清水 亜美)


Lili, along with Sebastian, are from the Tekken series of fighting games.


Video Games[edit]

Digimon World Re:Digitize[edit]

Lili can be encountered on the first floor of the Colosseum after defeating Professor Petrov and his Metal Greymon. She can then be challenged for a match against her Numemon, Catherine, which she considers beautiful. She and Sebastian re-appear on the 30th floor in a double battle against Catherine (now a Monzaemon) and Sebastian's Holy Angemon. After being defeated, Lili laments not being able to show her fighting skills since the Colosseum matches are between Digimon.

After obtaining access to the VIP Room on the 40th Floor and talking to both Sebastian and Lili in there, Lili will disguise herself with a pink Monzaemon costume and enter herself as a Digimon in a Colosseum match under the alias "Kigurumi Lili". After being defeated, Lili complains about the costume being heavy and the mask making it hard to see what's in front of her. She'll complain about not being able to fight Taiga himself because the rules only allow matches between Digimon. Two days after being defeated, she will send a challenge e-mail to Taiga requesting a battle. Catherine has now evolved into Lilithmon, which greatly pleases Lili since her Digimon has "Lili" in their name, but it is at odds with Sebastian's Seraphimon due to their opposite natures and refuses to cooperate. Lili asks the player to defeat both so they calm down, and afterwards recognizes the player as her rival. As a reward, Lili and Sebastian will give their evolution data to the Taiga, unlocking Lilithmon and Seraphimon as obtainable Digimon.

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