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Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Volcanic Flare [1] ヴォルケニック・フレア Vorukenikku Furea Spews scorching-hot flames from its mouth.
Glide Blaze [1] グライドブレイズ Guraido Bureizu Rams the enemy while sending out scorching flames hotter than even magma from its whole body.


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Volcanicdramon is the main Digimon of the game, along with Metallicdramon. It lives in the deepest part of the Digital World, and holds it since its creation. It's responsible for the emergence of the Mutant Digimon.

In the game's story, it's revealed that Volcanicdramon can manipulate freely any type of data. In the past, much data not used by humans was discarded in the Digital World, and even with this world being made in part by this data, too much of it was generated for a long time, causing problems to the Digital World's structure. Part of this unused data was broken and manipulated by Volcanicdramon at the Lava Zone, but the amount of data from the Human World surpassed its capacity, forcing areas of the world to break apart, and making the Digital World's system start a reboot. Volcanicdramon made a little backup of a few data bytes of itself, which became Vorvomon. After the reboot, Volcanicdramon forgot part of its mission, remembering only about destroying data. Volcanicdramon is also capable of rewriting parts of the Digital World data, bringing it closer to collapse. It also created the key codes, which were the only data strong enough to save the Digital World, but implanted them in the Seven Great Demon Lords' data by making them mutate. Volcanicdramon is also a counterpart of Metallicdramon, while it rules over the earth, Metallicdramon rules over the heavens, and its data can destroy all things, while Metallicdramon's data can restore all things.

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