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A Mutant Digimon (変種デジモン, Henshu Dejimon) is a Digimon mutated by the power of Volcanicdramon in Digimon Linkz.


The Mutant Digimon have different coloring from their original shapes and one weakness, while their normal versions have two.




Video Games[edit]

Digimon Linkz[edit]

In Digimon Linkz, the Mutant Digimon are obtained as rewards in the Colosseum.

List of Mutant Digimon[edit]

Digimon Name Attribute Weakness lost
Shinegreymon-Mutated Linkz.jpg Shine Greymon Light Earth
Heraklekabuterimon-Mutated Linkz.jpg Herakle Kabuterimon Earth Fire
Gaioumon-Mutated Linkz.jpg Gaioumon Fire Thunder
Sakuyamon-Mutated Linkz.png Sakuyamon Light Earth
Plesiomon-Mutated Linkz.png Plesiomon Water Earth
Leviamon-Mutated Linkz.jpg Leviamon Water Earth
Dianamon-Mutated Linkz.png Dianamon Water Earth
Beelzebumon Mutant.jpeg Beelzebumon Darkness Fire
Barbamon Mutant Model.jpeg Barbamon Darkness Fire
Demon Mutant Model.jpeg Demon Darkness Fire
Lilithmon Mutant.jpeg Lilithmon Darkness Fire
BelphemonSM Mutated.jpg Belphemon: Sleep Mode Darkness Fire
BelphemonRage Mutant.jpg Belphemon: Rage Mode Darkness Fire
LucemonSM Mutant.jpg Lucemon: Satan Mode Darkness Fire