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A Cyborg Digimon equipped with a high-powered engine. It is said to have evolved from a Digimon driven to the brink of death that took in junk data from its surroundings. It is an outlaw who loots parts from other Machine-species Digimon in order to further strengthen and remodel its body, which is made out of junk. Occasionally, it has been witnessed racing noisily with large gangs of Machmon.
Its Special Moves are firing a large quantity of missiles from its left arm (Vanquish Missile), and pulverizing the enemy's body as it minces them with the heavy machinery on its right arm (Maximum Demolisher).
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Vanquish Missile [3] ヴァンキッシュミサイル Vankisshu Misairu Fires a large quantity of missiles from its left arm.
Maximum Demolisher [3] マキシマムデモリッシャー Makishimamu Demorisshā Pulverizes the enemy's body as it minces them with the heavy machinery on its right arm.


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Digimon Adventure:[edit]

After his fight with Metal Tyranomon but before the events of "The Vagrant War Demon, Rebellimon", Orgemon, who managed to survive, evolved into Rebellimon, lost his memories, and moved into the desert, becoming an outlaw. Without a reason to fight or win, he kept fighting as his reason to live against the other outlaws. In one occasion in the past, he saved Cutemon's life by killing a group of Giromon, though he did not care about Cutemon and quickly left after the battle was done. He also fought against a Boltmon, but he was easily defeated by the Ultimate Level, and then he was healed by Cutemon while he was unconscious.

In the present, he rescued Cutemon from a group of Giromon once again, killing all but one of them, then immediately attacked Metal Greymon. Yagami Taichi and Cutemon tried to stop him, argumenting that they had no reason to fight, but Rebellimon did not care, and would've ran over Cutemon had Taichi not gotten him out of the way. However, he stopped after clashing with Metal Greymon, which made him briefly remember how he fought him as Greymon in the past. He then left, warning the others not to approach him. Later, he was attacked by a group of Boarmon, led by the surviving Giromon. During that fight, his chainsaw jammed, though he was able to win anyways thanks to Greymon's help. He then stuck around, with Taichi wondering if he truly did not have a reason to fight, explaining that he, as well as his friends, fought to protect the people that were important to them. They were then attacked by the same Boltmon that Rebellimon had fought in the past, with the latter refusing to allow Taichi and Agumon to help in the fight. He was beaten once again, and then Cutemon tried to protect him, only to get easily blown away and then nearly killed. Before that could happen, however, Rebellimon saved Cutemon. He was unable to understand why he did so, asking Cutemon, though the latter understood that Taichi's words had gotten to him. With his arm, which was destroyed by Boltmon, healed by Cutemon, Rebellimon managed to finally kill Boltmon.

After the fight, Rebellimon invited Cutemon to join him. When asked where he was going, Rebellimon merely answered "straight ahead", reminding Taichi and Agumon of Orgemon's words in the past, though they did not believe that Rebellimon and Orgemon were one and the same.

Rebellimon and Cutemon reacted to the attack of a group of Soundbirdmon in "The Angels' Determination".

After Negamon was finally defeated in "The End of the Adventure", Machmon had a race against Rebellimon. Close to them, Etemon and Volcamon rode a Tankmon as two Kiwimon, who carried their Gazimon fans dressed as Etemon, followed them.

Rebellimon in Digimon Adventure:
Rebellimon in Digimon Adventure:


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