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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Barrage Sweeper [2] バレッジスイーパー Barejji Suīpā Shoots at long range, firing a barrage with the autocannon deployed from its left shoulder.
Resting Burner [2] レスティングバーナー Resutingu Bānā A mid-range attack where it expels ultra-high temperature flames from the lion armor on its chest.
Sonic Excavator [2] ソニックエクスカベーター Sonikku Ekusukabētā A very-close range technique where it impales the enemy by launching its Pile Bunker while charging with its fighting spirit at its maximum.


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Digimon ReArise[edit]

Heavy Leomon is the partner Digimon of Tamada Keito.

Heavy Leomon first appears in Chapter 3 of Season 2: "Keito's Decisive Fighting Spirit!".

After Kumbhiramon, one of the Deva, was defeated by a Spiral in the form of Titamon, he was saved by Keito and Grappu Leomon. After Keito shows his determination to help, even if that is not his world, and sees the value of the bond between Human and Digimon, Kumbhiramon grants one of the Xuanwumon's Digicore that was in his possession to Grappu Leomon.

With this new power, Grappu Leomon is able to evolve into his Ultimate form, Heavy Leomon and overcome the powerful Spiral, defeating him once and for all.

Heavy Leomon in Digimon ReArise

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