Koromon Village

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Koromon Village
Koromon Village
Kanji/Kana コロモンの村
Debut "Etemon! The Stage Mounting of Evil"
Type Village
Part of: Server Continent

Koromon Village (コロモンの村 Koromon no Mura) is a village in Server Continent, and is home to many Koromon.




Digimon Adventure[edit]

The Chosen Children come upon the Koromon Village after arriving to Server Continent. However, the village is full of Pagumon, and they call it the Pagumon Village (パグモンの村 Pagumon no Mura). The Pagumon finally abandons the village when their cover is exposed as a Botamon is found in the village.

Video Games[edit]

Digimon Adventure[edit]

After arriving to Server Continent in Episode 20, "Etemon! The Stage Mounting of Evil", the Chosen Children decided to go to the Koromon Village inside the forest that Whamon told them about, as the Koromon should be willing to help them. Immediately upon arriving, Tachikawa Mimi went off on her own to take a bath, followed by Palmon. Agumon instead found that there were no Koromon in the village, only a bunch of Pagumon, which made Ishida Yamato think Whamon had been wrong about the village, though Yagami Taichi wanted to talk to them anyways.

The Pagumon refused to acknowledge the village as the Koromon Village, saying it was the Pagumon Village instead, only Pagumon lived in it, and they had never seen a Koromon in their lives. One of them called Taichi an insect, which made Agumon point out that the Pagumon were nasty Digimon, although it quickly brushed it off as a joke, while another was surprised at Taichi since it had never seen a Digimon like him before and didn't understand he was a human, and yet another tried to brush off Taichi's attempts at conversation by switching the focus to its own cuteness.

Despite this, Agumon still could sense the smell of Koromon, and said smell was recent at that. Despite their suspicions, the Chosen Children decided to stay the night as the Pagumon had prepared a feast for them. After the feast, Poyomon evolved into Tokomon. Afterwards, the Chosen Children went to sleep. However, as they slept, the Pagumon kidnapped Tokomon, blaming the kidnapping on him for evolving. This made Tokomon realize they were bad Digimon, which the Pagumon gleefully acknowledged, calling him stupid for believing in their ruse. Two Gazimon then appeared, to whom the Pagumon explained that Tokomon came with a group of human children, which made the Gazimon realize they were the Chosen Children. One of the Gazimon left to warn Etemon about them, while the other one ordered the Pagumon to keep an eye on the humans, then took Tokomon with him.

After the Chosen Children woke up, they found out that Tokomon was no longer with them and decided to search for him. To do so, they questioned the Pagumon, though none of them gave them useful answers. Afterwards, the Chosen Children realized that Agumon wasn't with them either, and Takenouchi Sora saw smoke coming from a waterfall, which they decided to investigate. There, they found Agumon fighting the Gazimon, who were now joined by a third, to save Tokomon. The Gazimon were unwilling to give up their hostage, however, saying how they'd sacrifice them all to Lord Etemon. Weakened, Agumon called for Taichi, who arrived soon after with the other Chosen Children. The Gazimon wondered how they were found, and Agumon explained he had secretly set off smoke signals by using Baby Flame on some dead trees. However, this was a good thing for the Gazimon, who could now deal with all of them at once.

After the Gazimon were defeated, the Chosen Children found the original inhabitants of the Koromon Village, who had freed themselves after the Pagumon ran away. However, their peace was short-lived as Etemon appeared and destroyed the village with ease, forcing the Chosen Children and the Koromon to run away through a secret cave. The cave seemingly lead to a deadend, however, the wall that stopped them from comtinuing glowed and shrank in presence of Taichi, revealing itself as the Crest of Courage. Afterwards, the group was able to run away through a transport device into a mountain far away from the Koromon Village.

The Chosen Children returned to the Koromon Village, which was in a state of disrepair due to Etemon's attack, in Sub-Episode 10, "Revisiting the Koromon Village", as Sora believed that it'd help them find a way for Taichi's Koromon to evolve back into Agumon, as he had lost the form after Dark Evolving into Skull Greymon. Since the Crest of Courage and a transport device were there, Izumi Koshiro believed it was possible and Tentomon thought a legend about evolution probably existed in the village too. However, talking to the Koromon made it clear said legends did not exist, with one pointing out that if they did, they would've used it themselves. However, a legend about invigoration medicine (as well as many other medicines according to one Koromon) that would give a sick drinker great power did exist, and the village Koromon could make the medicine with DigiPinecones, which grew on the farthest tree from the village. The Chosen Children decided to get them for Koromon's sake.

While they had to fight a Gazimon for the DigiPinecones, the Chosen Children were able to bring them back to the Koromon Village, and the Koromon made the invigoration medicine from them. Taichi and his Koromon then drank the medicine, which they found gross. Nonetheless, it did invigorate them - with anger, which made Koshiro wonder if it was meant to work like shock therapy. To make up for it, the Koromon gave Taichi and Koromon the Gamble Attack DigiPiece, which allows the equipped Digimon to use the command of the same name for an attack with a low hit rate but a guaranteed critical hit.