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Created 2002
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With the Will was originally a website pertaining mostly to Digimon Frontier media and information whose name was inspired by the song of the same name. After the website was taken down, the Forums continued on.


Created in early 2002 by Jita and Omnitor, With the Will first made a name for itself by providing the latest Digimon Frontier news, and providing direct downloads to the latest raw episodes. Soon after, a message board was created, which had a population boom when Megchan's Digimon Message Board was closed, and many of its members joined.

With the Will quickly grew to be known as a reliable, intelligent place to discuss Digimon, and get the latest news, translations, and scans. It developed a thriving community and inner circle, whose members are still deeply involved in many portions of the fandom. While the main site was shut down just after Frontier's completion, the forums continued to grow.

In 2004, the posts from 2002-2003 were archived under a separate subdomain. At its peak, the forums had over 2,000 registered users, with over 32,000 total posts. However, in late 2004, a hacker exploited a security flaw in the version of PHP installed on the board's server, ultimately causing the deletion of the forum and the 2002-2003 archives.

After a period downtime, the forums were re-established in January with an upgraded version of the original board software. At this point, due to hypersensitivity about unknown intruders into the boards, With the Will temporarily stopped accepting new users, and users from the old forums had to be vouched for and confirmed as valid members. The board, plagued by errors and other problems, steadily declined in population throughout 2005. However, in late 2005, the board was rebuilt using MyBB, and over the course of a few months, slowly recovered.

With the sudden resurgence in Digimon news, including Digimon Next and Digimon Savers, With the Will forums have once again reached the top, posting scans, translations, and the latest information. With this rebound, the forums skyrocketed to over 2,000 members, with over 40,000 threads.

In September of 2006, With the Will underwent some major changes: the board was temporarily renamed "WtW-X", the forum software was switched over to SMF, and some management and structural changes took place. After some initial turbulence, the board steadily regrew, marking the dawn of new age for WtW. As of July 2009, under the leadership of godofchaos, this new incarnation of WtW has experienced great success, with over 5,000 registered users and over 140,000 total posts, and continues to be one of the most active and popular Digimon fansites on the web.


Card Terminal[edit]

High-quality scans of many Digimon card game sets with full translations of cards.

Digital Monsters Almanac[edit]

Originally the Digital Masters Alliance, it is now hosted by With the Will and is a comprehensive, dub-oriented Digi-Dex updated frequently.

File Island[edit]

With the Will has taken over File Island: The Complete Digimon Electronics Resource since Digimon Himitsu closed.


Around December of 2006, With the Will attempted a podcast project, producing a total of 3 episodes. The project eventually petered out and is currently inactive.

WtW Media[edit]

A collection of previous projects under one title, includes:

WtW Scans[edit]

Rare line art and animation cells.

WtW Videos[edit]

High quality clips of Multi-Language anime Openings, Video Game intros, and also a tutorial of the Digital Monster Card Game Alpha

WtW Games[edit]

Home-brew Digimon games courtesy of SakuyamonX.

Fan Subs[edit]

With the Will subbed Digimon Savers episodes 1 - 15.


The Scanlation team run by Vande has done scanlations of Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 chapters 30-42 (on WtW, other chapters will be released on DATS.US as DATS Scanlations) and chapter 1-8 of Digimon Next.

Raws are provided by Vande, translations by Megchan and occasionally Splash(?), and put together by an editing team.

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