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Kanji/Kana ネオ
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NEO is the final antagonist in Digimon Next.


NEO is an artificial lifeform created by combining the data of many Digimon along with the DigiMemories. He was created by Barbamon in order to destroy the world and create a new, perfect one in its place. He was born, although incomplete, after Barbamon transferred his Dark DigiMemory and the Dark Energy of the Dark Area to him after he was destroyed by Victory Greymon[1].

His body shows the traits of every DigiMemory: "Holy" hair of flames, "Water" antennae, "Insect" horns, "Machine" left arm, "Bird" wings, "Darkness" body, "Beast" legs and "Dragon" right arm, though he was originally born without the last two, but he quickly takes them from Victory Greymon and Z'd Garurumon after his birth, becoming complete.

Mikihara Norn refers to him as the "future", someone beyond good and evil, and upon reaching completion he shows his extreme power by reducing everything to 1s and 0s, even the attacks of the Arbitrators. However, his rampage was restrained by Pitchmon, who was taken whole inside of him and evolved into Marin Angemon in response to Kitajima Ami's cries and Digisoul[2]. While he manages to stop Marin Angemon's intereference, he takes damage from the Arbitrators thanks to that, and he's stopped afterwards by Andromon, who left a "trap" inside his Machine DigiMemory with his own will inside it. This is followed by the rest of the DigiMemories' owners, except Barbamon, joining forces to stop him.

However, none of this is enough to stop N.E.O, who separates time and space with his Zero Genesis. He is then followed into his new world by Victory Greymon and Z'd Garurumon, thanks to Marin Angemon guiding them, and empowered by the DigiSoul of all four Tamers. Their fight finally shows him what bonds are and how the future is not despair but hope, causing N.E.O to stop fighting, return the DigiMemories, and restore the Digital World[3].



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