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The Three Commanders (三将軍 Sanshougun) are three Ultimate-leveled Digimon that worked for Barbamon as part of the Commandments in Digimon Next. After the birth of N.E.O, they joined Tatsuno Tsurugi's side.



Chaosdramon is one of the three commanders of the Commandments, working for Barbamon. Barbamon claims to have created it from the Dark Area's data, with intentions of creating the "ultimate killing machine"[1].

Chaosdramon first appears after Zanbamon fails to stop Tatsuno Tsurugi, Inui Yuu and Kitajima Ami from reaching Light City. He proposes finding it by using Kahara Shou as bait, with the latter pretending he's not allied with Barbamon[2]. Having found the location of Light City, he starts an offensive with his Tankdramon lackeys, leading him to face off against Andromon and his Guardromon followers[3] where he kills Andromon and destroys Light City in one Hyper Mugen Cannon, also risking the lives of everyone in it, including Shou who he then proceeds to taunt by telling him that Barbamon agreed with that and calling him "disposable". However, his rampage is stopped by Yuu and his newly-evolved Mach Gaogamon, and he's then ordered to escape by the third and final commander, Murmukusmon, kidnapping Ami and Pitchmon as he left[4].

After Yuu and Mach Gaogamon reach System Base, Chaosdramon fights them. While at first seemingly overwhelmed by Mach Gaogamon's speed, he's actually unharmed by his attacks thanks to his Red Digizoid armor and in fact allowed himself to get hit in order to catch his enemy. With Mach Gaogamon in his hands, he proceeded to use Destroyed Hook to infect him with a living virus[5]. However, Mach Gaogamon was healed by Yuu's Digisoul, and then proceeded to actually break Chaosdramon's armor with a high-speed Winning Knuckle while wielding part of Chaosdramon's own Destroyed Hook, as it was also made of Red Digizoid. Chaosdramon went berserk as a result.[1]. After the Commandments join the heroes' side, however, Chaosdramon is unable to help due to completely breaking down[6].

Chaosdramon in Digimon Next manga.


Murmukusmon is one of Barbamon's generals, part of the Commandments. He was originally the protector of the System World's host computer[1] as Holy Angemon, and came to care for an Art Digimon, Chibimon. Unfortunately, Chibimon becomes sick, telling Holy Angemon that an Art Digimon needs a Tamer's love as nourishment to survive. Chibimon gives him a small brooch as a gift before dying. At this point, Holy Angemon swears not to let anything like Chibimon's death due to his mistreatment by his Tamer happen again.[7]

In his first appearance, he stopped Chaosdramon from continuing his fight with Inui Yuu and Mach Gaogamon, forcing him to leave as Barbamon's Three Commanders would face the humans in System Base.[4] Once Tatsuno Tsurugi and Yuu reached System Base, he immediately separated them as they would be a greater threat together, forcing them to fight Zanbamon and Chaosdramon individually.[5] He attempts to use this to destroy all of them, seeing Zanbamon and Chaosdramon as unneeded for Barbamon's new world, but he is stopped by Kahara Shou and Peckmon who, after questioning his reasons, fight him, with Shou using Burst Charge after destroying his Digivice iC to evolve Peckmon into Ravmon.[1]

After the fight with Ravmon, Murmukusmon returns to being Holy Angemon and joins the heroes in their fight against N.E.O, realizing that the future Barbamon would bring is not the one Chibimon would have wanted.[6]


Zanbamon is one of the Three Commanders of the Commandments working for Barbamon.

He first faces Tatsuno Tsurugi and Agumon as they try to enter Light City, having predicted their plan to do so. Zanbamon proceeds to let the rest go, as he can beat Agumon in five seconds, later revised to three when he evolves into Geo Greymon, giving him plenty of time to catch up, and he backs up that claim by defeating Geo Greymon in one Jumonji Giri, which he only manages to survive thanks to being an Illegal and not without harm, as he's returned to Koromon.[8]

After Tsurugi and Agumon, now Rize Greymon, reach System Base, Zanbamon faces them. During the fight, he reveals that he reached the Ultimate level by killing 99 dragon Digimon with his Ryūzan-maru and wants to make Rize Greymon his 100th kill. Acknowledging the power born from Tsurugi and Rize Greymon's bond, he destroys Tsurugi's Digivice iC in order to cut said bond[5].

During the fight against N.E.O, Zanbamon joins Tsurugi's side alongside the rest of the Commandments, pointing out that he was never brainwashed but refuses to accept a future without the warrior's code[6].

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