Mikihara Norn

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Mikihara Norn [N 1]
Mikihara Norn [N 1]
Kanji/Kana 美樹原ノルン
Dub Name Norn Mikihara
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Norn is a mysterious girl who is held captive by Barbamon. She first appears in Battle 10.

It is later revealed that she is the result of Yggdrasill splitting its conscious and made to go to Earth to discover what Digimon meant to the Humans as it was unsure about the bonds between the two



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  1. Both her forename and surname have close references to Yggdrasill; Mikihara roughly meaning "world tree of beauty" or "beautiful world tree", referring to Yggdrasill, and Norns being mythological female beings living under the roots of Yggdrasill in Norse Mythology.
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