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Kanji/Kana イグドラシル

Yggdrasill is the host computer of the Digital World and resides in the System World.


The portrayal of Yggdrasill in Digimon Next is similar to how it was depicted in the concluding part of Digimon Savers, however, there are subtle differences. Once again, Yggdrasill's primary function is to oversee the activities of the Digital World, being shown in its true form, appearing as an omnipotent and omnipresent entity or "God" as such, it is referred to as the "God of the Digital World". The main differences this time are that the Royal Knights are not mentioned and it resides in the System World.

Yggdrasill was unsure of the relationship between a Digimon and their human partner and as a consequencce, it manifested its self-consciousness in the form of a young girl, who went by the name "Mikihara Norn" and sent her to the Human World to investigate the relationships Digimon and human have between each other. While Norn remained in the Human World, Barbamon invaded the System World and went to Yggdrasill. After interrogation with Barbamon, they unanimously decided that the Digital World needed to be changed and they merged, effectively hi-jacking the Host Computer.

However, if in case of the event that it would become corrupt, Yggdrasill precautiously created the Digimon Twins as a final resort.



Digimon Next[edit]


  • In Yggdrasill's Digimon Next bio, it states that it is an Ultimate-level and 9000 Type (9000型 Kyūsen-gata). 9000 is derived from the WIZ9000 Computer Model.

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