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The eight DigiMemories (「デジメモリ」 ""Dejimemori""?), also written as Sekai no Kioku (「世界の記憶」? lit. "The world's memories"), are powerful items that appear primarily in Digimon Next, but are intertwined with the frequently appearing concepts of "Fields" (「フィールド」 ""Fīrudo""?) and "Species".

List of DigiMemories[edit]

Type Kanji/Kana Romanization Symbol Original Holder NEO part
Holy セイ (聖) Sei Holy DigiMemory.png Piccolomon Hair of flames
Dark アンコク (暗黒) Ankoku Dark DigiMemory.png Barbamon Body
Dragon リュウ (竜) Ryū Dragon DigiMemory.png Agumon Right Arm
Beast ケモノ (獣) Kemono Beast DigiMemory.png Gaomon Legs
Water ミズ (水) Mizu Water DigiMemory.png Pitchmon Antennae
Bird トリ (鳥) Tori Bird DigiMemory.png Peckmon Wings
Machine / Mutant キカイ・ヘンイ (機械変異) Kikai-Heni MachineMutant DigiMemory.png Andromon Left Arm
Insect / Plant ムシ・クサキ (虫草木) Mushi-Kusaki InsectPlant DigiMemory.png Atlur Kabuterimon Spines



Digimon Next[edit]

The Digi-Memories are a set of eight pendants, each representing a kind of Digimon. Barbamon sought to gather all eight Digi-Memories, to complete NEO, his supreme Digimon. He then planned to use NEO to control the Digital World after recreating it in his image.

The Digi-Memories were each possessed by a Digimon who embodied that Digi-Memory. While contained within the Digimon, the Digi-Memory gave them more power than was usual for a Digimon of their level. This extra power was kept as they evolved.

  • The Beast Digi-Memory was possessed by Inui Yuu's Gaomon. It was taken by NEO after defeating Gaomon in Z'd Garurumon form.
  • The Bird Digi-Memory was possessed by Kahara Shou's Peckmon. It was taken by NEO when it was created.
  • The Water Digi-Memory was possessed by Kitajima Ami's Pitchmon. It was given to NEO by Barbamon, along with Pichimon.
  • The remaining four Digi-Memories all belonged to partnerless Digimon, strangely creating a situation where half of the Digi-Memories are possessed by Aato (Artificial) Digimon and the other four are possessed by 'true' Digimon.
  • The Insect/Plant Digi-Memory was possessed by Atlur Kabuterimon, but was taken from him by Shou Kahara's Yatagaramon.
  • The Machine/Mutant Digi-Memory was possessed by Andromon, and it is unknown how he lost it. It is assumed that Chaosdramon took it after destroying him.
  • Finally, the Dark Digi-Memory belonged to Barbamon. After he was destroyed by Victory Greymon, he passed the Digi-Memory and his data to NEO.

NEO was created as a result of combining all eight Digi-Memories. It proved almost unstoppable, even when the spirits of the destroyed Digi-Memory holders (minus Barbamon) fought against it. However, after Tsurugi's Victory Greymon impales NEO, empowered by the bonds between humans and Digimon, NEO realizes that feelings are important and that everything wants to live, so it releases the Digi-Memories, which rebuild the Digital World.