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The Internet as seen in Our War Game

The Internet (インターネット, Intānetto), also known as the Computer Network (コンピュータネットワーク / コンピュータのネットワーク, Konpyūta Nettowāku / Konpyūta no Nettowāku){{ref|[1]{{ref|[2], the Network (ネットワーク, Nettowāku)[3], the Net (ネット, Netto)[4], the Net Area (ネットエリア, Netto Eria){{ref|[5], or the Net Space (ネット空間, Netto Kūkan){{ref|[6] is the manifestation of World Wide Web through which the Real World transmits endless quantities of information. The Digital World, a pseudo-cyberspace with similar characteristics to the Real World, was created on the Network[7], and is ruled over by the mysterious host computer Yggdrasill on there{{ref|[8].

One day, a virus that possessed artificial intelligence spread onto computers throughout the world. This virus evolved in a way similar to living organisms, changing its appearance and nature on the Network[7], becoming “digital lifeforms” known as Digital Monsters, which were first discovered on there in 1997[9].

The Network contains the Net Ocean[3], which is the habitat of various aquatic Digimon as well as being the birthplace of Digimon, rivers that are inhabited by schools of Metal Piranimon in certain parts[10], a tropical region[5], and is illuminated by Gold V-dramon's golden body[4]. The Network also contains confidential information[11], which Griffomon guards, data on royal families[12], as well as treasure[13], which Barbamon is obsessed with collecting. It often acts as a conduit for Digimon to travel from place to place. Sangloupmon is able to do this instantaneously while rushing about the Net by breaking down its data into packets at its own volition[14]. There have been reported sightings of Hanumon, with rumors saying that it travels across the Network at high speeds while riding atop of what resembles a cloud.[15]

The Internet does, however, come with its drawbacks. As a result of its popularization, Digimon such as Kiwimon are becoming extinct due to excessive hunting[16]. It also acts as a haven for malicious content. Its "Forbidden Data" transformed into intense dark energy, which coalesced to Duskmon[17].

As the boundary in which the Digital World exists within, it is susceptible to human hackers and evil Digimon frequently attempting to penetrate it or abuse it for their own selfish desires. As such, it is protected by the Firewall[18] and patrolled by different ranks of Network Security such as the Royal Knights, who are positioned as the highest[19], Griffomon[11], Giromon[20], who uses the alias of "Net Keeper", and Cyberdramon[21], who work to defend the Digital World.

In spite of this protection, some Digimon like Megadramon and Infermon can easily penetrate Computer Networks even if they are protected by strong security[22][23]. A malicious hacker once managed to disrupt the Internet, and it was still being repaired when Coelamon was discovered[24]. Furthermore, the very defenders of the Network are subject to being taken advantage of themselves as was the case with Guardromon, who was originally a Digimon that worked alongside Giromon in repelling those who try to illegally enter the Network until a malicious hacker infected it with a computer virus and was subsequently used by that hacker as means of protection from the Virus Busters[2].

The wicked feelings of these same people appear to have produced Devidramon[25], and the aggression generated by their malice, as well as the conflicts unfolding on it, manifested into Kuramon's Digitama. Its virus-like multiplication within the Network causes a slight degree of network failure[1], and the instance it evolves into Tsumemon, it causes further malfunctions by corroding data at a tremenduous speed[26]. If released from the Network, Infermon could potentially cause the world to collapse into chaos[23], while Diablomon repeatedly absorbs data on there in order to evolve and grow larger[27].


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