Aragaki Youko

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Youko Aragaki
Youko Aragaki
Kanji/Kana 新垣阳子
Age 15
Partner Digimon Lunamon
Voice Actor Japanese Kurosawa Tomoyo (黒沢 ともよ)


Youko is a 15 year old girl that was born on December 12. She is 165cm tall and weighs 45kg. Her partner Digimon is Lunamon and she is friends with the Protagonist. Her favorite food is umibudo and her least favorite food is bitter gourd. Her favorite gift is anything related to Alice.

Owning a "strange" Digivice, this young girl wears dresses that one can tell she is a fan of the popular idol Alice, and she speaks with a verbal tic, "deshuō"[1] She is a genki girl[2] with a lively and cheerful personality, although she's a bit nervous. Although Yoko doesn't seem to be interested in fighting for some reason, her strength is unexpectedly strong. She and Lunamon can be regarded as complementary to each other.

She was born in Okinawa.[3]


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References Notes
  1. Deshuō (的说?) is a Chinese Loanword, taken from the Japanese "Desu (です?)", a Japanese copula used to grammatically link a subject and predicate, often translated into English using a form of the verb "to be".
  2. A genki girl is a girl with an over-abundance of energy.
  3. 伙伴档案丨活泼开朗,实力强劲的乐天派少女新垣阳子"