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Digimon Tamers 2021 (デジモンテイマーズ2021 "Dejimon Teimāzu 2021"?) is a live reading set in the Digimon Tamers continuity and is a sequel to Digimon Tamers 2018: Days -Information and the Unordinary-. It was read live by the voice actors at DigiFes 2021 on August 1, 2021, and was written by Chiaki J. Konaka.


In 2021, three years after the Malice Bot incident, Renamon and the real Matsuda Takato are still missing. Things have gotten even worse however, as now Guilmon, Ai and Makoto are missing as well. Lee Jianliang is now the chief officer of NYX, with Katou Juri and Culumon also working for the group.

One day, Yamaki Mitsuo arrives and informs the group that disaster has struck the Internet and that danger is fast approaching with it being a big problem as everyone's personal information is now online and asks the group to help combat it. Matsuda Takato, the clone made three years earlier based on the real Takato's memories from 2003, doesn't understand why it's a big deal whilst Jianliang agrees it's a big deal, though doesn't want to get involved as NYX are only meant to deal with incidents involving Digimon. Impmon suddenly arrives and insults the Tamers for not wanting to do "embarrassing things because they're adults now" and convinces the Tamers to deal with the problem, though Yamaki refuses to accept Impmon's help. Suddenly, a computer alerts the group that something had materialized in West Shinjuku, leading the group to chase it down. Culumon and Impmon are unable to evolve (Impmon due to his partners being missing) leading Terriermon to be the only Digimon able to combat the problem, though Impmon convinces Juri to become his new partner. 

Upon arrival the group find that Political Correctness had spawned in West Shinjuku. Terriermon evolves to Galgomon and Jeri uses her D-Ark to evolve her new partner from Impmon to Beelzebumon. The two Digimon battle Political Correctness, though their attacks seemingly do nothing. Just as Political Correctness is about to use its "Cancel Culture" attack, it flees as a result of one of Galgomon's attacks finally doing damage.

Takato then receives a transmission from the Digital World, the transmission being from Guilmon, and learns that Guilmon and Renamon are okay, though they do not know where they are. The transmission then ends.


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