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Katou Juri
Katou Juri
Kanji/Kana 加藤 樹莉
Dub Name Jeri Katou
Age 10 (Dub: 13[1])
Partner Digimon Leomon (Deceased in ep. 34)
Digivice Yellow D-Ark
Family Katou Hajime (Father), Katou Shizue (Stepmother), Katou Masahiko (Younger halfbrother), Mother (Unnamed, deceased)
Voice Actor Japanese Asada Yōko (浅田 葉子)
English Bridget Hoffman, Philece Sampler (Movie 6)

Katou Juri is one of the main protagonists of Digimon Tamers. She was the partner of the deceased Leomon, as well as a classmate of Matsuda Takato, Kitagawa Kenta, and Shiota Hirokazu.


Juri is depicted as an innocent, cheerful, and sometimes eccentric girl of the same age as Takato, although she is troubled by the having lost her mother at a young age. She is frequently shown carrying a hand puppet, which she often speaks through. Juri is also shown to have amassed a large collection of Digimon Trading Cards, although she does not know how to play the game.



Digimon Tamers[edit]

At the beginning of the series, Juri is simply a classmate and acquaintance of Takato's, although it is hinted that Takato has feelings for her. Later in the series, however, Juri begins to play a more prominent role, as she becomes the first of Takato's friends besides Lee Jianliang and Makino Ruki to befriend Guilmon (though Takato was slightly unnerved by Juri's assertion that Guilmon was cute, as evidenced by his reaction when she placed a flower sticker on the Digimon's nose). Juri later becomes the fourth Tamer in the series when, during the battle with Vikaralamon, a D-Ark appears before her following Leomon's appearance. Soon afterward, Juri and Leomon join the other Tamers in their journey to the Digital World. Leomon, however, is killed by Beelzebumon, which sends Juri into a state of depression. Juri's despair makes her easy prey for the reemerging D-Reaper, which uses her misery to fuel itself and infiltrate the Real World in her form. The true Juri is not again seen for some time, until Culumon penetrates the D-Reaper's Kernel Sphere and discovers her inside. Trapped by her own grief, Juri refuses to attempt to escape despite Culumon's protests. Beelzebumon, hoping to rescue Juri and Culumon, manages to create an opening in the Kernel Sphere, but Juri's fear of Beelzebumon keeps her rooted to her spot. Juri eventually manages to summon the strength to fight the D-Reaper, and manages to stall it for as long as she can until Takato (as Dukemon Crimson Mode) arrives to rescue her. Following the battle, Impmon approaches Juri, and asks her to forgive him for killing Leomon, which she agrees to.

Digimon Tamers: The Runaway Digimon Express[edit]

Juri and Culumon are shown helping to prepare a surprise birthday party for Ruki.

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Digimon Tamers 15th Blu-ray BOX Special Drama CD ~Days -Information and the Unordinary-~[edit]

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