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Hypnos (ヒュプノス, Hyupunosu) is an organization dedicated to studying Digimon and trying to prevent their Realization, including outright destroying them in Digimon Tamers. Two programs used to deal with Digimon were the Yuggoth and Shaggai programs, which could track Digimon as they crossed between the border of the dimensions and delete them before they fully realized.

Members of Hypnos[edit]

  • Yamaki Mitsuo - The leader of Hypnos. He is extremely spiteful towards Digimon and sees them as little more than destructive monsters. He constantly carries a lighter with him, clicking the lid of it.
  • Ootori Reika - Hypnos Chief Operator.
  • Onodera Megumi - Hypnos Operator.


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