Lee Jiang-yu

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Lee Jiang-yu (Tao)
(Japanese Lee Janyuu; Chinese Li Jiang-yu)
Lee Jiang-yu (Tao)
Kanji/Kana 李 鎮宇 (Lee Jiang-yu)
タオ (Tao)
Dub Name Janyu Wong
Age 40[1]
Organization Wild Bunch
Family Lee Mayumi (Wife), Lee Rinchei (Eldest son), Lee Jaarin (Eldest daughter), Lee Jianliang (Youngest son), Lee Shaochung (Youngest daughter)
Voice Actor Japanese Kaneko Yoshiyuki (金子 由之)
English Jamieson Price

Lee Jiang-yu is a supporting character in Digimon Tamers.


He is the father of Lee Jianliang and Lee Shaochung, as well as a member of the Wild Bunch, where he is known as TAO.



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