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"Card Slash" (カードスラッシュ; Dub: Digi-Modify) is a technique available to any Tamer in possession of a D-Ark Digivice, using trading cards from the Hyper Colosseum card game to augment and power up their partner Digimon.

Cards and slashing[edit]

The Card Slash sequence

In the Digimon Tamers universe, cards from the card game have a metallic stripe along their side, containing code pertaining to that card's gameplay effects. Normally, this code is to be read by card reader devices used in playing the game by slashing cards into the device[N 1]; however, the D-Ark Digivice, itself sometimes created by slashing a Blue Card through a reader, is able to use the code from the cards to realise augmentations for partner Digimon.

The card game establishes four different categories, which contain different effects and techniques applying to both the card game and their use on actual Digimon.

  • Digimon Cards: Basic cards depicting individual Digimon; whereas in the card game these cards are played to fight against other Digimon cards, when slashed in a D-Ark they instead transfer to the Tamer's Digimon one of the card Digimon's attack techniques.
  • Item Cards: Cards which provide a Digimon with items to boost their strength or give them new abilities; they serve this function both in the card game and when slashed.
  • Plug-In Cards: Cards which boost the attributes of Digimon; they can be used to increase a Digimon's offensive, defensive or speed stats, can recover a Digimon's energy and stamina, or can induce evolution to the Adult level. Each is named with a single-letter suffix, denoting the card's strength. They serve similar purposes in both the card game and when slashed.
  • Device Cards
  • Blue Card: A card containing an algorithm related to the evolution of Digimon and their emergence in the real world. Blue Cards are responsible for the creation of the D-Arks of Matsuda Takato, Lee Jianliang and Makino Ruki, and are used by the trio to trigger Matrix Evolution in their partner Digimon. They serve no purpose in the card game.

Cards used in Digimon Tamers[edit]

Additional Information[edit]

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  1. This is also the case with the real Hyper Colosseum card game, where electronic card readers were also sold; however, real card readers may have instead scanned barcodes along the base of some cards (this requires further research from someone who knows about these things).