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テイマーの試練! ゴリモンを倒せ! ("A Tamer's Task! Defeat Gorimon!")

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Title テイマーの試練! ゴリモンを倒せ!
Translation "A Tamer's Task!
Defeat Gorimon!
Romanization Teimā no Shiren! Gorimon wo Taose!
Airdate April 22, 2001 (9:00AM UTC +9)
Duration 23:04
TV Network English Fuji TV
Opening The Biggest Dreamer
Ending My Tomorrow
Insert SLASH!!
Pre-title アバン2
Subtitle サブタイトル2
Episode List
It Came From the Other Side)

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Title It Came From the Other Side
Airdate September 8, 2001
TV Network Usa.png Fox Kids
Uk.png Fox Kids UK
Theme Songs
Ending N/A
Episode List
Erste Feuerprobe ("First Trial by Fire")

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Title Erste Feuerprobe
Translation First Trial by Fire
TV Network Germany.png RTL II
Opening Der größte Träumer
Ending Neuer Morgen
Episode List
La Prueba de los Entrenadores Derrota a Gorillamon ("")

DT04 cap.jpg

Title La Prueba de los Entrenadores
Derrota a Gorillamon
TV Network
Theme Songs
Episode List
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Terriermon, Lee Jianliang's partner, has evolved into Galgomon and is firing his cannon everywhere. Renamon, Makino Ruki's partner, attempts to stop Galgomon with no success. Guilmon, Takato Matsuki's partner, tackles Galgomon down when he points his cannon at Ruki. Scared, Ruki retreats. Afterwards, Takato talks with Lee while Galgomon has to stand on his head to control himself. After Takato goes home, Galgomon reverts back to Terriermon and Lee takes him home. That same night, Ruki is developing strategies for Renamon to defeat Terriermon with while, Takato draws the adult form of Guilmon.

The next day, Hirokazu gives Takato the card Training Gips While Hypnos is detecting the emergence of a Digimon. Takato and Lee are talking when Terriermon notices a digital field coming. Lee and Takato try to run away from it, but it follows them. They split up, and the field follows Lee into a construction area while Takato brings Guilmon. The Digimon emerges and is revealed to be Gorimon. Gorimon attacks Terriermon, and Lee tries to reason with Gorimon. Guilmon attacks Gorimon but is counterattacked. Gorimon aims at Takato, Lee, and Terriermon but, Terriermon hits him and Gorimon misses. Terriermon fires Blazing Fire at Gorimon. Lee tells Terriermon to stop fighting Gorimon but, Terriermon objects, stating that he fought Gorimon before. Lee then remembers when he received an American Digimon game as a gift. Lee chooses Terriermon as his Digimon. In the game Gorimon goes on a rampage destroying Digimon and absorbing their data. Lee slashes multiple cards to help Terriermon defeat Gorimon. Terriermon evolves into Galgomon. Galgomon drives Gorimon away, but also goes on a rampage. Afterwards, Lee's father tells him that Digimon are just data. Lee tries to believe Digimon are just data, but is unconvinced once he sees Terriermon is hurt. Lee begins to cry over Terriermon and drops all but one of his cards. The card turns into a blue card and Lee slashes it through his card reader add on. The card reader turns into a D-Ark and Terriermon is given to him. Guilmon and Terriermon are still battling Gorimon, but, with no success. Lee asks for Takato's Training Grip card. Takato gives it to him and Lee slashes it into his D-Ark. The Grips appear on Terriermon's ears, and he throws it on Gorimon restricting him. Guilmon Bashes Gorimon and Terriermon uses a Petit Twister to lift Gorimon in the air to drop him from the air. The attack proves ineffective. Terriermon then fires Blazing Fire into Gorimon's cannon, destroying him.

"Digimon Analyzer" (D-Ark Display)[edit]

Beast Man type, Adult level. Its Special Move is Power Attack.


松田 啓人

Digimon analyzer dt gorillamon en.jpg
Let’s see, Gorillamon. He’s a beast Digimon, champion level.


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  • The dub removes a scene of virtual Terriermon taking a poop. To cover this, the frames of him walking back and forth are looped to make it look like he’s dancing.
  • Most of the shots of Guilmon and Terriermon getting physically hurt by Gorimon are removed.




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