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レナモン対ギルモン! 戦いこそがデジモンの命 ("Renamon vs Guilmon! Battle is a Digimon's Life")

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Title レナモン対ギルモン! 戦いこそがデジモンの命
Translation "Renamon vs Guilmon!
Battle is a Digimon's Life
Romanization Renamon tai Girumon! Tatakai koso ga Dejimon no Inochi
Airdate April 8, 2001 (9:00AM UTC +9)
Duration 23:04
TV Network English Fuji TV
Opening The Biggest Dreamer
Ending My Tomorrow
Insert SLASH!!
Pre-title アバン
Subtitle サブタイトルDT2
Episode List
To Fight or Not to Fight)

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Title To Fight or Not to Fight
Airdate September 8, 2001
TV Network Usa.png Fox Kids
Uk.png Fox Kids UK
Theme Songs
Ending N/A
Episode List
Renamon vs. Guilmon ("Renamon vs. Guilmon")

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Title Renamon vs. Guilmon
Translation Renamon vs. Guilmon
TV Network Germany.png RTL II
Opening Der größte Träumer
Ending Neuer Morgen
Episode List
Gilmon contra Renamon Los Digimon Viven para Luchar ("")

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Title Gilmon contra Renamon
Los Digimon Viven para Luchar
TV Network
Theme Songs
Episode List
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Matsuda Takato and his Digimon Guilmon are looking for a place that Guilmon can live in when Renamon, Makino Ruki's Digimon, Kicks Guilmon back into a fence in an ambush. Startled, Takato tells Ruki that Guilmon doesn't fight and to stop. Ruki refuses, stating Digimon are created to fight, and orders Renamon to attack. Renamon complies and attacks Guilmon with Kouyousetsu, it fails and Guilmon fires a Fireball at Renamon which misses. Renamon jumps to tackle Guilmon. Guilmon intercepts with a tackle and they both end up rolling around on the ground. Ruki slashes a card through her D-Ark, which is Heavy Metal. A cannon appears on Renamon's arm. Renamon points the cannon at Guilmon. Takato tells Guilmon to get away before Renamon kills him. Guilmon listens and returns to Takato. Ruki orders Renamon to keep fighting Guilmon. Renamon leaps forward towards Guilmon when Lee Jianliang and his Digimon Terriermon interrupt the battle. Ruki leaves and Takato and Lee find Guilmon a place to live and get acquainted.

The next day, the organization Hypnos is studying the area where Renamon and Guilmon's battle took place. When Takato gets out of school, he sees Hypnos's vans and worries about Guilmon. When he checks Guilmon's living area, he sees that Guilmon is missing and looks for him, eventually finding him. Afterwards, Guilmon senses a Digimon and goes after it. The Digimon turns out to be Renamon. Ruki wants Renamon to fight Guilmon, Takato objects, but Guilmon and Renamon fight anyway. While they're fighting, Lee shows up. Renamon prepares to fire Kouyousetsu at Guilmon when Terriermon runs in the line of fire. Terriermon evolves into Galgomon and starts firing everywhere. Galgomon then points his cannon at Ruki, but, Guilmon tackles Galgomon down before anything happens.

"Digimon Analyzer" (D-Ark Display)[edit]

An Adult evolved from Terriermon. Its Special Move is Gatling Arm.


牧野 留姫

Digimon analyzer dt gargomon en.jpg
Gargomon, Terriermon's champion form, what a difference. His attack is Gargo Lasers, whatever that means.


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Next Episode[edit]

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Heavy Metal - Bo-18t, Tyranomon, Death Meramon


  • When Renamon fires Kouyousetsu at Terriermon, Terriermon evolves into Galgomon.




  • After Lee interrupts the battle between Guilmon and Renamon his conversation with Takato is shortened
  • Much of Galgomon's cannon-fire is cut.
  • When Renamon scratches Galgomon's eyes it is cut.
  • When Galgomon aims his cannon at Ruki, the cannon is edited out.




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