Shiota Hirokazu

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Shiota Hirokazu
Shiota Hirokazu
Kanji/Kana 塩田 博和
Dub Name Kazu Shioda
Age 10 (Dub: 13[1])
Partner Digimon Guardromon
Digivice Copper D-Ark
Family Shiota Hirofumi (Father), Shiota Takako (Mother)
Voice Actor Japanese Tamaki Yukiko (津村 まこと)
English Brad MacDonald

Shiota Hirokazu is one of the protagonists of Digimon Tamers. He is the partner of Guardromon.


Hirokazu is one of Matsuda Takato's best friends, who eventually becomes one of the ten Digimon Tamers. Hirokazu is brash, arrogant and cheeky, though he is a brave and loyal friend. He loves the Digimon card game, and constantly beats Takato and Kenta at it. He is nowhere near the level of Makino Ruki and Akiyama Ryo, however, and is a bit of a fan of the two.



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