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For the toy of the same name, see D-Ark Toy.
Kanji/Kana ディーアーク
Dub Name D-Power

The D-Ark (Dub: D-Power) is the Digivice used by the Tamers in Digimon Tamers.


  • Can be used with a Digimon collector's card to Card Slash.
  • Can be used with a Blue Card for Matrix Evolution into Perfect.
  • Can be used by Matsuda Takato, Lee Jianliang, Makino Ruki, and Akiyama Ryo to Matrix Evolve into Ultimate, fusing with their respective Partners.
  • Can display what the Tamer's Digimon is seeing.
    • Can analyze Digimon that the Tamer's Digimon sees.
  • Has a Compass/Radar function.
    • Can detect when an aggressive Digimon is nearby.
  • Ryo's Digivice is seen to generate an energy whip, it is unknown whether the other Tamers' Digivices have this function.
  • Can heal the partner's Digimon.
  • Has a clock setting, according to a sound bite that played while Takato was messing with his D-Ark.
  • Takato and Ruki received their D-Ark Digivices by slashing a Blue Card through a card-reader.
  • Jianling received his by slashing a blue card through a computer Digimon gaming attachment.


Owner Screen Ring Base/Body Strap
Matsuda Takato red
gold (ultimate d-arc)
silver red
Makino Ruki blue silver blue
Lee Jianliang green silver green
Katou Juri yellow silver yellow
Akiyama Ryo white blue black
Kitagawa Kenta pale pink silver pale pink
Shiota Hirokazu copper silver copper
Lee Shaochung bright pink silver bright pink
Ai and Makoto purple silver purple



Digimon Tamers[edit]

Matsuda Takato and Makino Ruki's card readers become D-Arks when they slash Blue Cards through them. Lee Jianliang's gaming attachment becomes one through the same process. Later in the story, Katou Juri, Shiota Hirokazu, Lee Shaochung and Kitagawa Kenta obtain their own D-Arks through contact with their Partners, and Ai and Makoto obtain their shared D-Ark through their care for the wounded Impmon.

During the fight against Beelzebumon, Takato's D-Ark is broken. However, it was repaired and upgraded, gold one appears after he and his Partner, Guilmon, Matrix Evolve into Dukemon

Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time[edit]

Matsuda Takato possesses his gold D-Ark and Makino Ruki possesses her original D-Ark.

Video Games[edit]

Virtual Pets[edit]


D-Ark Ver.15th[edit]

Bandai D-Power[edit]

the Bandai D-power Digivice that was released in America & Canada, each came with a PC Game disc and a USB cable, the PC Game Disc was an Online Multiplayer game you can hook up your digivice to your computer, and battle other people's digimon through the internet with the digimon on your digivice


Hyper Colosseum


Battle Spirits

Image Gallery[edit]

Darc ref.png Darc takato.png Darc ruki.png Darc jenrya.png
Digimon Tamers
(control art)
Takato's D-Ark Ruki's D-Ark Jianliang's D-Ark
Darc ryou.png Darc juri.png Darc shiuchon.png Darc kenta.png
Ryo's D-Ark Juri's D-Ark Shaochung's D-Ark Kenta's D-Ark
Darc hirokazu.png Darc aimakoto.png Darc ultimate.png
Hirokazu's D-Ark Ai and Makoto's D-Ark Takato's Ultimate Version D-Ark