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Operation Doodlebug (オペレーション・ドゥードゥルバグ Operēshon Dūdurubagu) was a plan devised by the Wild Bunch to revert the D-Reaper to its original harmless state.


The initial stages involved loading a version of the Shaggai program into Terriermon's ears, when in the form of Saint Galgomon would provide the centripetal force needed to produce a reversal spin within the wormhole between the Real World and the Digital World created by the D-Reaper. Yamaki then activated the Shaggai program, causing the direction the transphotic eddy to be reversed. When the angular velocity exceeded the speed of light, a backward flow of time was created, with the “Big Bang” effect produced by Shaggai having deminished the D-Reaper Zone it gradually began to dissipate through the vortex. The reverse flow of time devolved the D-Reaper back into it’s original, harmless state but coming at a cost. The Tamers' digimon began to devolve themseleves like the D-Reaper and had to return to the Digital World to prevent from completely disappearing from the plane of the Real World.

Red Card[edit]

In order to successfully rescue Katou Juri from deep within the D-Reaper as well as to prevent sustaining damage or the risk of deletion inside the D-Reaper Zone, Shibumi wrote an algorithm, similar to the Blue Card, made to alter the wavelengths of the digimon’s digital make-up to match that of the D-Reaper.

Shaggai Ver.3.2[edit]


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