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Lee Shaochung
(Japanese Lee Shiuchon; Chinese Li Shaochung)[N 1]
Lee Shaochung
Kanji/Kana 李 小春(シウチョン)
Dub Name Suzie Wong
Age 7
Partner Digimon Lopmon
Digivice Pink D-Ark
Family Lee Jiang-yu (Father), Lee Mayumi (Mother), Lee Rinchei (Older brother), Lee Jaarin (Older sister), Lee Jianliang (Older brother)
Voice Actor Japanese Nagano Ai (永野 愛)
English Peggy O'Neal

Lee Shaochung is a character in Digimon Tamers. She is the partner of Lopmon, as well as Jianliang's younger sister.




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References Notes
  1. Can also be read in Chinese as Siu-Chun or Xiaochun