Kitagawa Kenta

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Kitagawa Kenta
Kitagawa Kenta
Kanji/Kana 北川 健太
Dub Name Kenta Kitagawa
Age 10 (Dub: 13[1])
Partner Digimon Marin Angemon
Digivice Pearl D-Ark
Family Kitagawa Shunsuke (Father), Kitagawa Akemi (Mother)
Voice Actor Japanese Aoyama Touko (青山 桐子)
English Steve Blum

Kitagawa Kenta is one of the protagonists of Digimon Tamers. He is the partner of Marin Angemon.


Kenta is one of Matsuda Takato's best friends, who eventually becomes one of the ten Digimon Tamers. A meek and insecure boy, he often follows Takato and Shiota Hirokazu around without question. Like his friends, he likes playing the Digimon card game, although he isn't as good as Takato or Hirokazu.



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