Makino Rumiko

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Makino Rumiko
Makino Rumiko
Kanji/Kana 牧野 ルミ子
Dub Name Rumiko Nonaka
Age 28[1]
Family Hata Seiko (Mother), Makino Ruki (Daughter), husband (Unnamed)
Voice Actor Japanese Imai Yuka (今井 由香)
English Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Makino Rumiko is a minor character in Digimon Tamers. She is the mother of Ruki, and the daughter of Hata Seiko.


Rumiko works as a model and lives together with Ruki and her mother Hata Seiko in a traditional Japanese house at the edge of Shinjuku. Her fixation on physical appearances and attempts to make Ruki appear more feminine occasionally causes disagreements between she and her daughter. Even though she is divorced, she still uses the family name of her former husband.



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