Wild Bunch

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The Wild Bunch (ワイルドバンチ Wairudo Banchi) (Dub: Monster Makers) were originally a group formed by programming students with the goal to create artificial intelligence under the direction of Professor Rob McCoy at Palo Alto University, California. Rob McCoy's son designed the Digimon, Mizuno Gorou wrote the code that allowed the Digimon to evolve, Daisy designed the devices that allowed them to communicate with the Digimon, and together the group managed to create artificial beings with a desire for survival.

However, eventually the university cut the project's funding and presumably sold the designs for the Digimon characters to Bandai who proceeded to make a toy and anime franchise based off of them. Unbeknownst to them, the Digimon escaped from the experiment and into the world wide network. When the D-Reaper emerged in the Real World, they initiated Operation Doodlebug in order to stabilize it to its original form.