Matsuda Takato (2018)

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For the original Matsuda Takato see here.
Matsuda Takato
Matsuda Takato
Kanji/Kana 松田 啓人
Partner Digimon Guilmon
Voice Actor Japanese Tsumura Makoto (津村 まこと)

This Matsuda Takato is a clone of the original.


Drama CDs[edit]

Digimon Tamers 15th Blu-ray BOX Special Drama CD ~Days -Information and the Unordinary-~[edit]

In 2018, one year after Matsuda Takato's disappearance, NYX uses the Re-Animator to bring Takato to the Real World, under the belief he might have been in the Digital World. Instead, the Re-Animator ends up materializing a copy of the 12-year-old Takato, who has all the memories of the original until some day when he went to visit Guilmon's former home in 2003. After meeting Yamaki Mitsuo, who informs him about NYX and that he's in 2018, Takato meets Lee Jianliang and Makino Ruki.

Takato learns that he's a copy rather than a time traveller, to his surprise, and that he was created as an attempt to bring the real Takato back. He is also informed of an imminent crisis related to the Malice Bots, the reason the government is reuniting the Tamers. When the Malice Bots start attacking, the Tamers use the Re-Animator to bring their Digimon to the Real World, with Renamon mysteriously missing. Takato apologizes to Guilmon for having to make him fight so soon after reuniting with him. On their way to the battlefield, he meets Katou Juri, surprised by his young appearance, and promises to explain everything to her later. During the battle against the Malice Bots, Takato performs a Card Slash using a smartphone. The Tamers react as the Malice Bot starts to take on the appearance of Renamon.


Digimon Tamers 2021[edit]

Three years later, the real Takato is still missing with this Takato still acting in his place. At some point between 2018 and 2021, Guilmon had gone missing leaving Takato without a partner. When Yamaki tries to convince the group to deal with the problem on the Internet, Takato doesn't understand why it's a big deal, though Impmon is able to convince the group to deal with it. As they fight Political Correctness, Galgomon and Beelzebumon's attacks do nothing, though Political Correctness eventually flees when one of Galgomon's attacks finally damage it. Takato then receives a transmission from Guilmon from the Digital World and learns that he is with Renamon and that both of them are fine, though they do not know where they are. The transmission then cuts off.

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