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君はぼくのともだち テリアモン登場! ("You are my Friend Introducing Terriermon!")

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Title 君はぼくのともだち テリアモン登場!
Translation "You are my Friend
Introducing Terriermon!
Romanization Kimi wa Boku no Tomodachi Teriamon Toujou!
Airdate April 8, 2001 (9:00AM UTC +9)
Duration 23:04
TV Network English Fuji TV
Opening The Biggest Dreamer
Ending My Tomorrow
Insert SLASH!!
Pre-title アバン
Subtitle サブタイトル
Episode List
Digimon, Digimon Everywhere)

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Title Digimon, Digimon Everywhere
Airdate September 1, 2001
TV Network Usa.png Fox Kids
Uk.png Fox Kids UK
Theme Songs
Ending N/A
Episode List
Terriermon taucht auf ("Terriermon Appears")

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Title Terriermon taucht auf
Translation Terriermon Appears
TV Network Germany.png RTL II
Opening Der größte Träumer
Ending Neuer Morgen
Episode List
Eres mi Amigo La Apricion de Terriermon ("")

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Title Eres mi Amigo
La Apricion de Terriermon
TV Network
Theme Songs
Episode List
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Title {{{tpt}}}
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Matsuda Takato finds himself terrified of his Digimon. However, Guilmon does not attack Takato, and he realizes that Guilmon knows Takato created him. Takato then takes Guilmon home in a box to hide him from his parents. When they get to his room, Takato explains to Guilmon that if anyone were to see a large Digimon, they might freak out. Takato then explains how they are partners and that he is Guilmon's Tamer.

Meanwhile, the organization Hypnos is tracing the emergence of Goburimon. While Takato and Guilmon are sleeping, Makino Ruki and Renamon are hurrying to battle Goburimon.

As Renamon and Goburimon battle, Culumon is questioning a couple. Scared by Culumon's ability of speech, the couple runs away, and Culumon leaves the spot, looking for someone else to help him. As she battles, Renamon asks Ruki for an option card, and Ruki then slashes a Boost Chip card. Suddenly, Goburimon evolves to Fugamon. Meanwhile, Guilmon is awake, growling, and Takato calms him down, telling him that nothing is wrong. At the battle scene, Renamon defeats Fugamon, and Ruki says that she and Renamon are superior.

The next day, Takato goes downstairs to go to school, but before he goes, he takes some bread. His mother asks him what was in the box, and he replies that he doesn't know what she's talking about. He then uses several boxes to make Guilmon a small fort to stay in. Takato explains to his Digimon that he has to go to school, and that he can't play until the evening.

While Takato is in gym class, Guilmon is in the school looking for him. He runs into the principal and the principal starts questioning Guilmon, asking him to take the box off. When Guilmon takes the box off, the principal cowers in fear, and pushes the fire alarm in panic. Outside, Takato's class hears the alarm and the teacher runs inside to see what's wrong. Takato gets worried and runs inside to see what happened. Surrounding the principal is a crowd of students, and one of the students whispers to someone that he shouldn't go out. Takato runs to the scene, and is terrified at the sight of the box. As Takato runs away, the other student, Lee Jianliang, watches him leave.

Takato runs outside to look for Guilmon, and is stopped by Lee, who asks if Guilmon is a Digimon. Takato asks him how he knows that, when a Digimon named Terriermon comes out and says that Lee is a Tamer. Terriermon then says that if Takato does not have a good understanding with his Digimon, he is not qualified to be a Digimon tamer. Hurt from what Terriermon said, Takato runs away crying. After running for a while, Takato looks at the sky and realizes that Guilmon is on the roof of the school. Takato runs to the roof to Guilmon, and the two have a happy reunion.

Later that day, Takato and Guilmon look for a place for Guilmon to stay. After a little while of searching, Guilmon looks over and sees Renamon, who kicks Guilmon. Takato looks over and sees Ruki. Ruki tells him to step aside and that Renamon will battle Guilmon.

"Digimon Analyzer" (D-Ark Display)[edit]

Child level, Orge type Virus. It lacks courage but has a sly personality. Its Special Move is to throw a fireball at the opponent (Goburi Strike).


牧野 留姫

Digimon analyzer dt goblimon en.jpg
Goblimon. Let's see. He cheats. He's got a fireball Goblin Strike. Ah, it's just a rookie! Where's the sport in that? Walk all over him, Renamon.


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Boost Chip, Agumon, Greymon, Metal Greymon, Were Garurumon, Garurumon, Taomon, Leomon, Winning Percentage: 40% - Bo-155





  • When Renamon kicks Guilmon at the end there is a flash to censor it.
  • Guilmon’s “Takatomon” nickname for Takato only lasts for a single scene in the Japanese version and the Singaporean English dub. In the Saban dub, he continues to use it for a few more episodes.
  • The Japanese text of Goblimon's name is translated in the dub.
  • Hirokazu calls Takato "Yolei" in the dub upon seeing his goggles for the first time.
  • The school principal is not referred to by name in the Saban dub. In addition, his greeting to Guilmon is different between the two versions. In the Japanese version, he asks the box if it’s having a fine day, while he wishes it a good morning in the dub. The Singaporean English dub, on the other hand, has him say, "Thank you for your trouble."
  • When the alarm is set off, Hirokazu has an added joke in the dub about how it was set off by Kenta’s socks.
  • The girls wonder whether or not the principal is drinking on the job in the Japanese version. The dub changes this to them speculating that he must have gone crazy to remove the alcohol reference. The Singaporean English dub leaves in the reference to drinking.




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