Red Card

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Red Card
Red Card
Kanji/Kana レッドカード

The Red Card 「レッドカード Reddo Kādo」 is an algorithm which is similar to the Blue Card that appears in Digimon Tamers.



Digimon Tamers[edit]

Written by Shibumi, it was intentionally made to alter the wavelengths of the Digimon’s digital composition to match that of the D-Reaper, enabling them to fight within it without suffering any effects. However, there was a key element missing from the card’s design, and Shibumi eventually realized that when writing the algorithm, he had neglected to take into account the nature of the Human-Digimon hybrids, which would mean changing the complex wavelengths of the humans. Due to this, they reverted back to their respective Human and Digimon forms.


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