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Queen Device
Activation Timing: Battle Phase
◎You may only place one of this card in your slots; cannot receive the effects of 'rendering items ineffective' or 'cannot receive the effects of Option cards'.
◎You may only have up to 6 cards with the word 'Device' in their name in your deck.
Category: Device
Effects: ◎Any alterations to your attack power by Option cards with 'Device' in their name are now invalidated. After that, add 1200 to your attack power.
◎When you have a Bishop Device in your slot, add the effect 'during the turn, the opponent's whole hand is visible to you'.
◎This card can only be used when your Digimon is Ultimate level with a basic A attack power of 560 and below.
◎Stack this card onto your point gauge immediately after use.
発動タイミング: バトルフェイズ
カテゴリー デヴァイス
[効果]: ◎カード名に「デヴァイス」の文字が入るオプションカードによって発生した「攻撃力修正」がなしになる。その後、自分の攻撃力が+1200される

Card Errata (As of Ver. 1.6):
Corrected - The Category 'Device' is added. (カテゴリー欄に「デヴァイス」を追加。)