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Zero Unit
Activation Timing: Evolution Phase
◎You may only place one of this card in your slots; cannot receive the effects of Item cards being 'invalidated' or 'sent to the Dark Area'.
Effects: ◎Change the part in the evolution requirements of your Digimon with 'Crimson' in its name that states '1 Grani card' to '10 cards from the top of your Net Ocean'.
◎Change the evolution requirements of an Ultimate level Digimon card in your hand with only two digits in its card number to 'Appearance Requirements: During battle, when your Digimon is an Ultimate level with the same name as this card, and the opponent is an Ultimate level, make this card appear from your hand. After that, add 300 to all of your basic attack powers (the amount after adding then becomes your basic attack power)'.
◎This card is sent to the Dark Area after 3 turns; any descriptions that were changed return to normal after that.
発動タイミング: 進化フェイズ
[効果]: ◎「クリムゾン」の文字が入るデジモンの進化条件欄「グラニ1枚」を「ネットの海の上から10枚」に変更する