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Knight Device
Activation Timing: Battle Phase
◎You may only place one of this card in your slots; cannot receive the effects of 'Items being invalidated' or 'cannot receive the effects of Option cards'.
◎You may only have up to 6 cards with the word 'Device' in their name in your deck.
Effects: ◎Reduce the opponent's attack power by double the amount of your basic C attack written on your Digimon card.
◎When you have a Bishop Device in your slot, reduce the opponent's attack power by triple the amount of your basic C attack instead; when you have a Pawn Device in your slot, if the opponent has multiple Digimon boxes, reduce the attack powers of all of the Digimon.
◎This card can only be used by an Ultimate level belonging to Wind Guardians, with a basic attack A of 600 and above.
◎Stack this card onto your point gauge immediately after use.
発動タイミング: バトルフェイズ
[効果]: ◎自分のカードに書かれた基本攻撃力Cの数値の2倍分、相手の攻撃力を減らす