Digimon Xros Wars - Chapter 02

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"Xros Heart! Our "King"!!"
Japanese "Xros Heart! Our "King"!!"
Kanji/Kana クロスハート!!俺たちの“キング”!!
Romanization "Kurosu Hāto!! Oretachi no "Kingu""
Release Date July 21, 2010
"Xros Girls!! The Mysterious Beautiful Girl, Nene!!"

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"Xrosroads!! The Boys' Paths Cross"

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The second chapter of Digimon Xros Wars



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After the battle against the Bagra Army in the previous chapter, the group of humans is being treated to a celebration by the residents of the Village of Smiles for rescuing them from the invading force. Jijimon proceeds to explain the appearance of the antagonistic forces to the humans while the various residents talk over him with their introductions. Kudou Taiki mentions his decision to head home after the meal, which Shoutmon does not take too well. After being informed that returning to the real world the same way they came might not be possible, but that a Code Crown might be able to do it, the group decides to travel to the Mushroom Village where the Green Zone's code crown is kept.