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A Plant Digimon with a body woven and fused together from dead trees. Its whole body has rotted away in places, and mold grows on parts where the bark has been exposed. Its body is packed with a large number of insects, serving as the muscles that move its body around. It is very terrifying to see the insects spill out of the joints all over its body each time it takes off with its dead leaf wings.
Its Special Moves are skewering the enemy with its sharp stake-like tusks (Dryad Stinger), and spewing a black miasma which causes the opponent's body to completely wither up (Blasted Disaster). The true form of the miasma is countless tiny insects that thrive on a Digimon's data.
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Dryad Stinger [1] ドライアドスティンガー Doraiado Sutingā Skewers the enemy with its sharp stake-like tusks.
Blasted Disaster [1] ブラステッドディザスター Burasuteddo Dizasutā Spews a black miasma consisting of countless tiny insects that thrive on the opponent's data, causing them to completely wither up.


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Digimon Adventure:[edit]

First appears in "Hikari and the Moving Forest".

Entmon is Petaldramon's archenemy, and commanded several of its insects to destroy the forest in its body. It also destroyed other forests before, which left a Muchomon and two Puwamon homeless. After Entmon appears in front of Petaldramon, the Chosen Children tried to fight it, only for Entmon's bugs to separate all but Yagami Hikari from Petaldramon and Entmon. Petaldramon fought Entmon alone, but it was a losing battle until Hikari risked her life to protect the former, causing Tailmon to evolve into Angewomon and power it up with Saint Air. Thanks to that help, Petaldramon managed to stop Entmon, sacrificing itself to turn them both into plant statues from which a new forest was born, becoming the home of the Digimon Entmon previously left homeless.

Entmon from Digimon Adventure:


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