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The Folder Continent Report is a series of researches published as promotional material for the Digimon Pendulum Z and Digimon Pendulum Z II.


A program with intelligence on the Internet, its life form is abbreviated as "Digital Monster" and is called "Digimon". Digimon have a fighting instinct that prey on each other to survive. Using a special tool "Digimon Capture", one has discovered the existence of another world named Digital World, after the Net Ocean where Digimon inhabit. The vast majority of research records of the Digital World is the vast land of the Internet called "Folder Continent".I will once again observe this continent, where the Digimon's Ultimate level was also observed for the first time. From the materials that researched Digimon, it is known that Digimon are classified according to their habitat.

  • Nature Spirits that inhabit the earth rich in nature.
  • Deep Savers that live in the ocean that occupies most of the Digital World.
  • Nightmare Soldiers with many dark Digimon such as Ghost type and Demon type.
  • Wind Guardians with many plant types living in the forest and Digimon flying around the sky.
  • Metal Empire with many Cyborg and Machine type Digimon.
  • Virus Busters that have many Digimon that have the power to counter Digimon with the Virus attribute.

Observe and study these six categories recorded in the Folder Continent.

Nature Spirits[edit]

Nature Spirits

The first thing I investigated was changes in the ecosystem of "Nature Spirits". There were many Digimon that couldn't be confirmed in the past records. Unimon and Gaogamon run around the grasslands. Morphomon and Gaomon play alongside Golemon. Gokimon flying around the shade of trees was observed. Furthermore, many Digimon have also been discovered in the desert areas of the severe habitat. One of the newly discovered Digimon is Sunarizamon which moves quickly in the sand to hide from Scorpiomon, which can be said to be the champion of the desert area. Most of its body is composed of sand. We need to continue researching how to interact with other Digimon. Tentomon and Monochromon that were present in the past records were also confirmed, and they coexist on the same ground. Although its a world of weak and strong food that prey on each other, Digimon of Nature Spirits seem relatively calm.

Report: Ecology of Gogmamon[edit]

When I went to investigate a cave a little away from the plain, a new species, Gogmamon, was discovered, which is probably the largest of Digimon of the Nature Spirits. The giant, which seems to consist of mineral data of rocks and crystals, showed almost no movement while sitting down, and it could be inferred that it was a normal Digimon. Even the Gokimon that was standing around from the beginning didn't reacted. However, it didn't take long before the hidden threat of this Digimon was noticed. As soon as Archnemon entered the cave, its huge rocks groaned with its eyes open. Then, when the crystal part of the body began to shine, an intense heat ray was emitted from the tip. The heat rays diffusely reflected in their own crystals spread in all directions, and Archnemon fled from the cave after being hit repeatedly. The onslaught that could not be imagined from its seemingly dull appearance was sufficient to show the ferocity hidden within this Digimon.

Deep Savers[edit]

Deep Savers

Next, I investigated the Deep Savers, which live in the vast ocean. Gizamon and Shellmon sit in the shallows, and Mermaimon sits in the rocky area, and the first time observed soft-body Digimon, Sangomon, with Sirenmon, enjoy singing songs. However, if you move your eyes from the peaceful shallow water to the sea, there was a fierce battle in the rough sea. Waru Seadramon and the new observations Tobiumon and Piranimon are fighting over the territory. Furthermore, a giant crustacean Digimon Gusokumon was discovered at the end of the dive for deep-sea research. It seems that it is preying on a Digimon that has been dying in the battle on the surface of the sea and sinking into the deep sea. Deep Savers is a world where the appearances differ greatly in shallow water, sea surface, and deep sea.

Report: Ecology of Marin Chimairamon[edit]

This Digimon was the only horrifying and threatening discovery in observing the Deep Savers habitat. The combination of multiple aquatic Digimon's parts is unlikely to be born naturally. As a result of research, the details of the Digimon that may have been combined have been revealed. I found that the head and legs were from Coelamon, the upper body was from Ikkakumon, the lower body was Seadramon, the right arm was from Hangyomon, the left arm was from Ebidramon, the tail and horns were from Octmon, the dorsal fin was from Rukamon, and the tentacles extending to the back were from Gesomon. All of them are recorded as Deep Savers Digimon in the past. At the time of the first observation, it appeared on the surface of the sea with a large vortex, but the Seadramon and Ebidramon who were fighting around moved their targets to this mysterious Digimon and attacked. Apparently, they instinctively realized that it was a dangerous entity that disturbed the whole ecosystem. However, the Digimon who stood up against it turned into algae debris in the sea...

The Digimon called Chimairamon is recorded as a similar example We decided to call this horrible Digimon, which seems unrelated, as "Marin Chimairamon".

Nightmare Soldiers[edit]

Nightmare Soldiers

The darkest area on the Folder Continent. A terrifying area where no ordinary Digimon can approach. Many dark Digimon that are classified as Nightmare Soldiers are nesting here. In the forest, where there is a strange sign, I first saw Ghostmon. Going through the forest and climbing the stairs leading to the majestic structures, I was able to see the elegantly flying Witchmon. After climbing the stairs, the castle appears, and the gate is watched by Cerberumon, and Devimon was seated on its top. In a harsh place where dark Digimon are constantly struggling, it seems that Devimon has long been trying to repudiate the Digimon that have been challenging him. Even stronger forces than ever have been measured from the dark ground, and the power of the Nightmare Soldiers seems to be still expanding.

Report: Ecology of Ghostmon[edit]

A new species of Child level Digimon, Ghostmon. It was a strange situation when I first saw him. A warlike Digimon breed that rarely reaches out to help a Digimon that has been wounded in battle. However, it was seen that a pale light that floated over the injured Digimon took him to a safe place. The true nature of that light was Ghostmon. The appearance in battles of this newly discovered Digimon is rarely seen, on the contrary, it runs after Labramon to play, and flies in the sky with Witchmon's broom, the principles of its actions are difficult to understand. In addition to having unpredictable behavior, Ghostmon transforms its body and moves through all materials, making it difficult to observe it continuously. There is still a lot to be understood about this strange and illusory Digimon. I'll need to continue observing it for a while.

Z Report Ver.1[edit]

"Several Digimon were recently discovered in this research, but in the background of that report was evidence of a large-scale conflict between Digimon in the Digital World. When and why, and how much time has passed since the situation ended? I cannot research it now, but there were discoveries that were more than enough to show the extent of the impact it had on the Digital World. It was a vestige of ancient Digimon that seemed to exist in the Digital World a long time ago. The appearance was not really observed and, surprisingly, what was thought to be found was in the data of several newly discovered Digimon this time around.

From the Digimon "Nature Spirits", data from Ancient Beatmon and Ancient Volcamon from the ancient Digimon were extracted. These Digimon are the origins of insects and minerals. The Digimon of "Deep Savers" include Ancient Mermaimon and Ancient Megatheriumon that control the power of water and ice. The Digimon of the "Nightmare Soldiers" showed signs of having data from Ancient Sphinxmon, which was born out of darkness.

This is an inference, but I believe that the things that have been transmitted between Digimon since ancient times were instinctive, in an attempt to restore the ecosystem that had been disturbed by the conflict that affected the entire Digital World... It also means that new Digimon that have a primitive appearance appeared one after the other. Whatever the conclusion, the research is still insufficient. For more information, we need to start a search in another area. It may not be long before I'll do the next report."

Wind Guardians[edit]

Wind Guardians

AS the second step of the investigation, we first went to the jungle area, which is one of the habitats of Digimon classified as "Wind Guardians".

The first thing that was discovered there was the new dinosaur Digimon Parasaurmon. It didn't matter if Palmon was bathing next to a group of several heads drinking water on the riverside, and I heard that they had a relatively calm temper.

In its feet to as Kokatorimon and Diatrymon are each other strife Concerning food, had mimic the fruit Pomumon was seen how the escape in a hurry is.

The scent of Vegiemon drifting throughout the jungle fades as you go deeper into the jungle, creating a completely different and mysterious odor. A newly discovered Level Ultimate Digimon called Toropiamon was striding there. Its ecology, which disperses deadly poison, is powerful enough to raise the risk of this jungle area.

The jungle where "Wind Guardians" Digimon live is transforming into one of the most dangerous areas in the Folder Continent.

Report: Ecology of Entmon[edit]

Since we began our investigation of Folder Continent, signs of many trees being trampled upon have been found in several wooded areas as if large holes had formed in the forest. As we were investigating the cause, a sound reverberated as if it were raining heavily, and something resembling a black sandstorm appeared. And there was a sinister-looking Digimon walking slowly within it. This Digimon, known as Entmon, was responsible for destroying the forest, and the black sandstorm was in fact a large swarm of insects that were a part of itself.

Lilimon and Lilamon showed up to stop the violence caused by this Digimon. However, the swarm of insects deprived them of their sight and ability to move, and it seemed that the best they could do was prevent the surrounding trees and flowers from decaying. As for Entmon, it walked on regardless.

However, when Entmon looked up towards the sky, it suddenly started flapping its dead tree wings. Although it seemed that it was trying to flee, what might it have seen?

The answer was immediately obvious. Aero V-dramon, a rare species that has not been observed for a long time, emerged from behind the clouds. However, the dead tree monster had already vanished along with the swarm of insects. Aero V-dramon gazed as though it were thanking the two Digimon who were exhausted in the battle, and flew off right away in pursuit of the target that fled.

Contrary to the ferociousness of its repeated unintentional destruction of things, Entmon can be said to have the cunning to withdraw straight away as soon as it realizes that it is in a disadvantageous situation.

Metal Empire[edit]

Metal Empire

The "Metal Empire" Digimon have made an enormous abandoned factory shrouded in black smoke their territory. Buildings made of junk and distorted railroad tracks have been rapidly added to the surrounding area.

Locomon runs on the rails, which are spread out like a spider’s web, while spouting smoke. Upon arriving at the terminal, a group of Guardromon came walking down in single file from the rear freight car, and piled up the scraps they were carrying. Then, a group of Junkmon, a new species, gathered at the scrapheap, silently collecting materials and doing construction work.

As soon as Minotaurmon destroyed a rocky mountain, and created a flat ground despite being rough, the group of Junkmon immediately laid the tracks. Jazamon was desperately carrying materials bigger than its body to the heights of buildings.

The "Metal Empire" Digimon, who have expanded their territory with astounding momentum as if they were commanded by someone, may eventually appear throughout Folder Continent.

Report: Ecology of Rebellimon[edit]

A gang of Digimon riding around, raising clouds of dust across Folder Continent, and creating a ruckus, has been witnessed in various places. New species of Digimon were confirmed among the strange group of wheeled Digimon that were let loose from the Metal Empire.

Leading the gang in a convoy were a new species of Cyborg Digimon called Machmon. They made noisy muffler sounds that differ slightly for each individual, and rushed through at tremendous speed. Tankmon were traveling behind the convoy, and there was a Digimon glaring as if it were looking for prey positioned between them. It was Rebellimon who commanded this reckless gang. When they came across the home of another Digimon, Rebellimon went in alone and ran the whole gamut of destruction. And the Tankmon, who saw Rebellimon finish and return back to the gang, opened fire at the home to deal the final blow, and watched the whole area go up in flames with a satisfied look.

Rebellimon may not feel pain, but when it tore off its left arm that was damaged in battle, it suddenly began hacking the Tankmon nearby to pieces. Then, it grabbed the necessary parts, repaired its left arm, and started running with the gang again. Its extreme brutality conveyed a different kind of danger from that of Digimon with combat instinct.

Virus Busters[edit]

Virus Busters

No precise habitat for the "Vi Busters" has actually been confirmed on Folder Continent. One could argue that their classification has deviated from their ecosystem framework, but just where do they come from? We discovered something that provided a huge hint to that question. When heavy fog rose near some ruins, which have been found across the continent, Baluchimon, who is thought to have protected the ruins, emerged. Plotmon and Nyaromon were huddled together on its back. Then, Darcmon and Angemon, who were discussing something, came flying down from the sky accompanied by light. Apparently, Angel Digimon used these ruins as relay points for patrols on Folder Continent.

At the same time, there was a Mutant Digimon called Mimicmon who exuded a noticeably different aura in the area surrounding the ruins. It seemed that its rusty cage may have just been discarded, but when it sensed the presence of Virus Digimon, a black mist appeared within its cage, and it eerily stretched out its long arms between the iron bars.

It has been made clear once again that there are species with a wide range of abilities who excel in hunting Virus Digimon, not just those that possess holy power.

Report: Ecology of Manticoremon[edit]

This Digimon was found in a fortress-like structure thought to have been an important stronghold among the ruins that exist across Folder Continent. Although many Digimon have been confirmed to have high intelligence, it is hard to imagine Manticoremon having anything like that. If someone approaches near the fortress, it will use its three tails on them whether they are hostile or not, and eliminate them without mercy in a systematic manner as if it were a machine. However, it was when it was in front of Virus Digimon that we learned the true ferocity of this Digimon.

It is not known for certain whether Digimon have a way of knowing each other's Attributes, but Manticoremon makes sniffing-like gestures. And once it discovers that the opponent is a Virus-type, it roars, swoops down on them, and devours them like a wild beast. Together with its palms, its three mouths messily consume the body of its prey as if it were a rag, and as soon as it engulfs their Digicore, it rushes back to the ruins again. It is unclear why it is such a dangerous Digimon, and whether it exists to protect the structures of holy Digimon; according to one theory, it is a familiar for Angel-species Digimon, but if that were the case, it would be difficult for them to subdue this monster unless they were someone considerably powerful.

Z Report Ver.2[edit]

As predicted in this investigation, the data of ancient Digimon has been confirmed in the new species of Digimon. The data of Ancient Irismon and Ancient Troiamon was found in the "Wind Guardians" Digimon. Fragments of data thought to be that of Ancient Wisemon were extracted from the "Metal Empire" Digimon, and fragments of data thought to be that of Ancient Greymon and Ancient Garurumon were extracted from the "Virus Busters".

It doesn't seem to be a coincidence that the data, which can be said to be the DNA of these ancient Digimon, was discovered all at once. A reaction, suspected to be the Digimon known as the "Four Holy Beasts" who maintain the order of the Digital World, has also been confirmed during our investigation of Folder Continent, and there is no doubt that some changes are starting to happen in this world.

In addition to reviving the data of Ancient Species, it is not hard to imagine that an unprecedented chaos will arrive if those considered to be Gods of this world create a stir. And transcendent beings will also appear along with that chaos…

This will be a break from our investigation of Folder Continent, but information on the newly observed Digimon and their ecosystems will continue in the dock and we will be carrying on with our research.