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"Wizarmon of Memory Ocean"
Japanese "Wizarmon of Memory Ocean"
Kanji/Kana メモリー海のウィザーモン
Romanization "Memorī Umi no Wizāmon"
English "Wizardmon of the Memory Sea"
Release Date Japan September 2, 2022
English September 10, 2023
"The Pulse of Resurrection"

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Chapter #12 of Digimon Dreamers



Fishing on the Memory Ocean, Wizarmon looked back upon his past self and thought to himself about where Digimon came from and where they went, and how the sounds of the waves could turn a Digimon into a poet. He was then startled by Kodou Ritsu and Pulsemon coming out of the ocean. Wizarmon asked them where they came from and Pulsemon was happy they found Wizarmon. He explained to the wizard that they were looking for him, spotted him from a nearby cliff, and dove straight off of it to go to him, to Ritsu's anger. Wizarmon then asked them who they were and Pulsemon introduced them, explaining they were looking for a way into Witchelny so they could find a hint that may help lift the evolution curse on Asunaro Village. Wizarmon seemingly didn't know what Witchelny was and Pulsemon explained it to him, then also didn't know what magic was. That made Ritsu and Pulsemon question if he truly was Wizarmon, with Ritsu further questioning the fact that he had a fishing pole instead of a staff. Wizarmon answered that he was indeed Wizarmon and he believed he had heard of Witchelny before. Some memories came to his head, namely a castle and him teaching a Phascomon and a Candmon, followed by the shadow of the terrifying Phelesmon. He then got a headache, followed by a bouquet of flowers exploding off of his head, surprising Ritsu and Pulsemon, who thought he was a stage magician. Wizarmon explained that he had amnesia and whenever he tried to remember something, he'd get headaches followed by strange occurrences. Ritsu explained that the informant, Espimon, had told them they'd find the information they needed from a Wizarmon close to the Memory Ocean, and begged him to teach them how to get to Witchelny. However, when Wizarmon thought about knowledge, the Phelesmon shadow appeared once again in his mind and he went berserk, tying Pulsemon down with his rod and knocking him down. He refused to listen to them. Pulsemon had no fear of any Adults either so long as he didn't use his finishing move, then headbutted him in the gut. Wizarmon tried to remember his finishing move, but, despite Ritsu and Pulsemon's worry, he only managed to pull out a bunch of flags from his head, causing him anger. The second attempt didn't go any better, with doves coming out instead. With one of them resting on Pulsemon's head, he told Wizarmon that he had neat magic. He then jumped into Wizarmon's open head to search for the information on Witchelny himself. Wizarmon's hat shut down, then Pulsemon came out of it as if performing a magic trick. This only angered Wizarmon further and he once again tied up and knocked down Pulsemon with his fishing rod, now stomping on his head as well. Ritsu asked him to stop as they only wanted to go to Witchelny, but Wizarmon's anger only kept growing. Pulsemon woke up his inner Bulkmon, evolving his head, which confused Wizarmon. He then used a Thunder Dread on Wizarmon to stop him, which caused Wizarmon to acknowledge that Pulsemon had several tricks of his own.

After recovering, Wizarmon apologised for losing his composure, but added he could do nothing for Ritsu and Pulsemon in his current state, only quietly ponder his past as he cast his fishing rod into the sea. Suddenly, something said it felt a tremendous magical power. Said something was Dagomon, who rose from the sea, shocking Ritsu and Pulsemon.

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