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"Steal Pulsemon!"
Japanese "Steal Pulsemon!"
Kanji/Kana パルスモンを盗め!
Romanization "Parusumon wo Nusume!"
English "Steal Pulsemon!"
Release Date Japan July 4, 2022
English August 27, 2023
"Spy Digimon Espimon"

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Chapter #10 of Digimon Dreamers



Pulsemon trained to get stronger so he could go on an adventure too. Kodou Ritsu thought about how cool Wakamiya Jo was, then stopped himself because he wouldn't be able to survive an adventure in the Digital World, but he felt the same kind of excitement that a brand-new game would give him. Pulsemon thought he had dirty thoughts, which annoyed Ritsu, causing him to squish Patamon between his hands. Pulsemon then got distracted by something, looking all around.

Walking in Asunaro Village, Ritsu asked Pulsemon about that, and Pulsemon answered that he had been getting a weird feeling lately. Ritsu started cooking some Asunaro Meat while Patamon rested on his head as Pulsemon explained that he felt that someone was watching him. He then tried to eat the Asunaro Meat, only for drool to suddenly appear from thin air. Said drool was from a cloaked Digimon that then unhid himself, surprising Pulsemon. The Digimon complained about how the meat smelled too good. Ritsu and Pulsemon questioned who he was and if he was after their Asunaro Meat, but Bokomon explained that he was Espimon, a Digimon specialized in spying. Ritsu asked him if he was the cause of Pulsemon's weird feeling, and while Espimon tried to deny it, his expression gave him away. Ritsu ordered Pulsemon to be careful as Espimon was there to spy on them, but Pulsemon instead sat down, grabbed a pipe, and told Espimon about himself, with the Cyborg Digimon taking notes. Ritsu realized that it had become an interview and asked Espimon if he was a paparazzi, who denied it and threw his notebook and pen away. Ritsu grabbed said notebook and read how he had twisted Pulsemon's words, which Espimon explained was to make them more catchy, thus proving he was a paparazzi to Ritsu, Bokomon and Patamon. He once again explained he was a spy, who investigated right away any rumours or suspicions, and he had heard about a Digimon in Asunaro Village who could evolve one body part at a time and he was looking into the matter. He added that he could sell that secret at a high price to Doctor Vademon who was currently researching Super Chimairamon, with Vademon's screen showing Chimairamon, and their tanks having Kuwagamon and Kabuterimon. Bokomon said how someone who could freely evolve their body parts they could become an incredible Digimon with the arms of a Mugendramon and the wings of an Aero V-dramon. Espimon then pointed out that good information could get someone a lot of money, which motivated Pulsemon to go and sell it himself. Espimon told Pulsemon to take better care of his personal info, though Pulsemon answered that it'd be weirder if Espimon profitted off it instead. Plus, if he went, he may be able to learn more about evolution too. Bokomon told him that he had heard Dr. Vademon's lab was in the northeastern mountains. However, Espimon refused to let him go and decided to take him captive and bring him to the doctor himself to sell him as research material. Pulsemon tried to break through him with his Elec Rush, with Bokomon and Patamon sure that it'd work, but Espimon easily dodged it then shot a Mot Bomb at Pulsemon, who was confused about it and tried to dodge it, only for the Mot Bomb to chase him. Pulsemon shot a Petit Impulse at it, causing it to explode. Bokomon and Patamon were happy that he avoided the attack, but Ritsu realized that it was too intense for someone trying to take him alive and Espimon could be more trouble than they thought. Both Digimon praised each other, though Pulsemon then added that Espimon's talents were wasted on tabloid journalism, to his dismay as he had to once again deny he was a journalist.

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