Wakamiya Jo

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Wakamiya Jo
Wakamiya Jo
Kanji/Kana 若宮ジョー
Dub Name Joe Wakamiya[1]
Partner Digimon Wingdramon
Family Unnamed brother

Wakamiya Jo is a character in Digimon Dreamers.


Jo is a "wandering Tamer" who travels across the Digital World in search of the S Dimension, so he can find his missing brother. He loves adventures and life-threatening situations, which get him very excited. However, he also has a serious side, and he's unwilling to drag other people into the dangerous situations he finds himself in.



Digimon Dreamers[edit]

In "Travelling Tamer", after Kodou Ritsu was Digital World once again, the Digimon in Asunaro Village got excited because a human was in the Digital World, though Ritsu pointed out they summoned him all the time so there was no reason to be surprised about him. He prepared for their greeting, however, they ran past him and to Jo who had entered Asunaro Village and was surprised to find a village there. Pulsemon was also shocked to see a human other than Ritsu, and the new human himself was surprised he wasn't the only one. He also noticed that Ritsu looked annoyed at him being surrounded by the Digimon of Asunaro Village, as Ritsu was jealous of him.

In Burgamon's burger stand, Jo introduced himself, explaining that he was travelling through the Digital World in search of the door to the S Dimension so he could find his missing brother. Ritsu was surprised that he had been in the Digital World for so long, and Jo pointed out that it was fun since they could meet many Digimon, learn all sorts of things, and go on as many exciting adventures as they wanted, all the while he flashed back to encounters with a Vademon, a group of Kuramon, a Bakemon, a Peti Meramon, an Airdramon, the shadow of a Devimon, and a Zudomon. Jo asked Ritsu if he felt the same, but, as an indoor type, he didn't. Ritsu pointed out that he seemed to be the same kind of freak as Pul, both lovers of life-threatening scenarios, and Bokomon and Patamon said that he seemed crazy about adventures. Pulsemon called him a crazy geezer, the crazy part annoying Jo, and asked him if he knew of any way to undo a curse that prevented evolution. A Koromon then explained that no one in the village could evolve, and Jo realized that was why there were so many tiny Digimon in there. Pulsemon boasted about how, thanks to Ritsu, he could evolve one part at a time, but Jo laughed at him as he had never seen such a thing despite being all over the Digital World. Pulsemon then evolved his head as proof, surprising Jo, then chased at him by biting the ground while screaming about how he wanted to evolve more. A terrified Jo accepted the Digital World was a big place and there were things he didn't know yet. Pulsemon devolved and, alongside Bokomon and Patamon, questioned Jo's story.

Suddenly, Jo tackled Ritsu, Pulsemon and Bokomon out of the way of the attack of a Kuwagamon. Ritsu asked if they were wild Digimon who came to attack Asunaro Village, but Jo took responsibility instead, explaining they were assassins sent to keep him away from the S Dimension, to Pulsemon's surprise as he thought Jo was lying. Pulsemon proclaimed he'd protect Asunaro Village, but Jo said they'd take care of them as they were his enemies, confusing Ritsu as he talked in plural. Jo then pulled out a shell and blew on it, summoning his Partner Digimon, Wingdramon. Jo explained the situation to him, while Ritsu was surprised such a strong-looking Digimon had shown up, and Pulsemon thought he was very cool. Jo got on Wingdramon, and Pulsemon soon followed, dragging Ritsu with him against his will, as he was afraid of heights. A mid-air battle then started, but it was quickly ended by Wingdramon's Blaze Sonic Breath killing the Kuwagamon. From the skies, Ritsu looked down at the Digital World, and for the first time, he learned just how big it really was.

With the battle done, the group descended from Wingdramon, with Ritsu terrified and Pulsemon excited and wanting to go on an adventure. He asked Ritsu to do so, but he refused, as did Jo, who didn't want to drag them into his adventure, but he was sure a time would come when they'd go on an adventure of their own. Jo then left on Wingdramon.

Ritsu briefly thinks of how cool Jo was in "Steal Pulsemon!".


  • Wakamiya Jo's name is based on Akiyama Ryo. Romanizing the name and removing the W, "Akamiya" is an anagram of "Akiyama". Furthermore, by combining that W with the S from "S Dimension" (the place Jo is looking for) we get the abreviation for the console Ryo's games appeared in, the Wonderswan (WS). Fittingly enough, his introduction chapter is itself named after Ryo's title, Wandering Tamer. [2]

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