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Having succeeded in multiple investigations, Espimon has become highly mobilized so that it can obtain more accurate information. It can now navigate over long distances, fly, and dive, and its field of activity extends to the depths of the "Net Ocean" and altitudes of up to 20,000m, making it possible for it to investigate hidden Digimon. Its "Divanish" optical camouflage has also been updated. It masks the sounds it makes along with its appearance, and is capable of infiltrating or causing a disturbance without being noticed, even when maneuvering at high speeds. Thanks to the VR Goggles on its brow, the target's movements after a few seconds are predictively displayed, allowing it to act with precision.
Its Special Moves include "Stamper Missile", in which it fires missiles from its two rear launchers, "Breast Cannon", in which it shoots the vulcan cannons on its breast, and "Doronger", in which it spreads a smokescreen from both its hands to hide its allies; it has prepared techniques suited for reconnaissance-in-force. Also, it is rumored to be used by the Crack Team for intelligence operations in various locations.
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Stamper Missile [1] スタンパーミサイル Sutanpā Misairu Stamper Missile[1] Fires missiles from its two rear launchers.
Breast Cannon [1] ブレストキャノン Buresuto Kyanon Chest Cannon[1] Shoots the vulcan cannons on its breast.
Doronger [1][N 1] ドロンガー Dorongā Dronger[1] Spreads a smokescreen from both its hands to hide its allies.
Divanish [1] ダイバニッシュ Daibanisshu Divanish[1] Presses the switch on its abdomen to apply optical camouflage to its body.


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Digimon Ghost Game[edit]

Hover Espimon is Amanokawa Hiro's second Partner Digimon. He first took this form in "The Strange Floor", after pushing Hiro to evolve him so he could help Siriusmon fight Clavis Angemon, proclaiming he wouldn't ever accept Hiro as the real one otherwise. As Hover Espimon, he was able to blind Clavis Angemon with Doronger, then sneak in with Divanish to steal Clavis Angemon's The Key, giving Siriusmon the chance to defeat Clavis Angemon.

Hover Espimon in Digimon Ghost Game.
Hover Espimon close-up in Digimon Ghost Game.


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  1. Doronger is derived from the verb doronsuru (どろんする), meaning "to quickly hide oneself".