LS-tou Zone

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Kanji/Kana エルエストウゾーン
Type Zone
Part of: Digital World

The LS-tou Zone (エルエストウゾーン Eruesutou Zōn, lit. Island of the Legend-Swords Zone) is an area of the Digital World where special beings referred to as Weapon-type Digimon inhabit. This country is exposed terrain for invading armies, but the Digimon living in the area are unable to properly defend it while in their natural shapes. As a result, they acquired the unique ability to turn their own bodies into gigantic, peerless weapons that can then be wielded by another Digimon, substantially increasing their might.






Video Games[edit]

Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Red & Blue[edit]

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LS-tou zone map.png LS-tou zone.png LS-tou zone2.png LS-tou zone3.png
LS-tou Zone LS-tou Zone LS-tou Zone LS-tou Zone
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LS-tou Zone LS-tou Zone LS-tou Zone LS-tou Zone
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LS-tou Zone LS-tou Zone