LS-tou Zone

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Kanji/Kana エルエストウゾーン
Type Zone
Part of: Digital World
Fort Yard
Sky Fort
Knuckle Coast
Roundabout Amazon
Dark Tunnel
Flower Meadow
Skull Iceberg
Spider Nest Ruins
Papyrus Desert
Tokona Coast
Tokona Sea
Crystal Cave
Crystal Mine
Crystal Volcano
Stealth Valley
Lost Space
Digital Space

The LS-tou Zone (エルエストウゾーン Eruesutou Zōn, lit. Legend-Swords-Island Zone) is an area of the Digital World where special beings referred to as Weapon-type Digimon inhabit. This country is exposed terrain for invading armies, but the Digimon living in the area are unable to properly defend it while in their natural shapes. As a result, they acquired the unique ability to turn their own bodies into gigantic, peerless weapons that can then be wielded by another Digimon, substantially increasing their might.






Video Games[edit]

Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Red & Blue[edit]

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LS-tou Zone LS-tou Zone LS-tou Zone LS-tou Zone
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